The red apprentice starved master?Star Jiang Tao’s popularity is surpassed by his female apprentice, and the relationship between the two lovers becomes a mystery

On February 19, a netizen shared a video of the star Jiang Tao. In the video, Jiang Tao laughed at god and seemed angry. How did you broadcast the fans?We won’t read too much into who Jiang tao is talking about, but it is clear that jiang Tao is very angry.During this period of time, Jiang Tao jiang Tao seems not to be very happy with his live broadcast. His popularity is not as good as before, so he began to make fun of himself again: he is 38 years old, has a car and an apartment, but he is still single.And this period of time once the official publicity of the small 15-year-old girlfriend has not been together for a long time live, female apprentice popularity is rising, far beyond the master.Previously, Jiang Tao once said in the live broadcast that he would get married after the New Year. Now, the marriage has not been mentioned, and the identity of the two has become a mystery.These two years, Jiang Taoxiao god also holds the red a lot of female apprentice, love to laugh from a Iraq and mani to Liu Wendi, little fairy, behind the small feather, this two days johnnie behind him stood a girl again, whether female apprentice, I don’t know, in general, johnnie holds red female apprentice to many, but, because of various reasons to leave behind, but the development is very good,Some netizens have also made heart-wrenching comments that they have set fire to their disciples and starved their master to death.Of course, it is the greatest wish of every master to be able to promote his disciples.Although jiang Tao is not as popular as before, he also earned his first bucket of gold through live broadcasting. According to some netizens, Jiang Tao’s net worth is now around 30 million yuan, and he can retire early even without live broadcasting.Anyway, although a lot of net friend to johnnie live style are still controversial, however, johnnie, said himself as good as the elder brother of the coat, as a grassroots can have today’s achievement, and boomed so many disciples, and many disciples still shine on you, and bless johnnie less and less in the broadcast industry, also can to start a family.

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