Today, “rain” grass to | stirring Wait for spring to

Rain Water solar Term Today at 0:43, ushered in the “rain water” solar term.”Rain” solar term, temperature rise, drizzle, germinating vegetation.Wait for spring!”Rain water” season, the temperature in most parts of China rises to above zero degrees Celsius, the frozen river gradually thaws, “seven nine rivers open, nine nine wild geese come”, spring breeze rain, moisten things silently, “rain” has therefore become full of life connotation of solar term.”Rain water” three hou: first hou Rex offering fish;Swan goose in the second hou;The germinating vegetation of the third hou;”Rain” flower letter: one hou rape, two hou apricot flowers with rain, three hou plum blossom in full bloom.The rain term means the beginning of rain, rain gradually increased, as the saying goes, “spring rain is as expensive as oil”, appropriate precipitation is very important to the growth of crops.Rain, busy spring ploughing, it is ready to spring sowing good time.Farmers are busy turning fields, buried weeds and other deep underground, after a bubble of rain, is the best organic fertilizer crops.Zhandaose the so-called “zhandaose” is through frying glutinous rice flowers, to predict the harvest of nian Daose.As an important solar term at the beginning of spring ploughing, on the day of rain, farmers in South China often stir fried glutinous rice to predict the harvest. The more glutinous rice flowers burst, the better the harvest.Health with the increase of rainfall, moisture aggravation, easy to trouble the spleen and stomach, so, this period should pay attention to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach.Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao said: “Spring time porridge.”Remind us to drink more porridge in spring, which is not only easy to absorb, but also to nourish the spleen and stomach, to clear.In addition, but also pay attention to the legs and feet warm, use less cold water, eat less cold food.Know the weather of our city in the next seven days?The next few days is also a “cold” word to the end.Remind the public friend: warm clothes must wear warm, to warm the center of gravity on the legs and feet, to prevent the invasion of spring disease.Content source: Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV news, China Civilization network, Zhejiang release, Zhoushan meteorological Release comprehensive editor

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