World Cup: Colombia vs Peru, star-studded, Colombia aiming for three points

Colombia is the traditional strong teams in South America, is also one of the teams of the last World Cup, the team has a number of major league stars in, like falcao, dias, kua Della, Mr Spitzer, Muriel, mina, etc., the whole squad stronger competition ability, the group team conducted 14 rounds for the fifth game,However, with only two points behind Uruguay in fourth place with a game less, the biancocelesti have been unbeaten in their last eight qualifiers, losing only one goal away to Brazil, and will have a chance to compete for a place in the top four when they face Peru at home.A and Jamaica on Peru play an exhibition match 3-0 victory finally, compared with the Columbia team in popularity value and the squad is worth on is somewhat inferior, nearly half of the players in the domestic league, the core of the five major league players is not much, as celta midfielder tower pia should be the most expensive player in this team now,However, the team is not too bad in the group, currently with Colombia on 17 points, but the team’s recent away results are a little less good, the last four away qualifiers only against venezuela, the bottom of the group, the other three defeats.The two teams have the same number of points in their qualifying group, but the home team has a slightly stronger overall strength, having won both the Copa America last year and the first leg of the previous qualifier. The recent performance of the home team is very unbeaten, and this time the squad is basically star-studded and very neat.The away result of the visiting team is not ideal, the last four away qualifiers only win the bottom of venezuela, and with the home team in the last 10 clashes only won, drew and lost 5, away from the whole body may not be easy.

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