Zhang Yixing’s cat is also bad!People’s Daily online has been hit in the face by fans for using photos taken when they were young

Zhang Yixing has a cat, you all know, and even opened his own WB for the cat. Every time yixing has an event, fans can check out these kittens.What’s interesting is that these cats have their own fans, hahaha ~ sometimes, I see fans laughing in the comments section, the scene is very harmonious and warm.Can see radish only powder, ugly lulu, can see lulu only powder, radish.In the company, lulu and radish are the top flow.These two cats were also the first to enter the company.However, it seems that The radish is zhang Yixing’s favorite activity, so the radish appears many times.Zhang Yixing has four cats.The first one was lulu, the second one was radish, the third one was Zhang Laosan, and the fourth one was Si Di.Lulu and Radish were the first to enter the company.However, radish and Yixing do have some predestined relationship in the body.In the pet store, radish and radish father met for the first time on the hand in hand agreed, then the picture is really good cure.Radish than lulu, a few months smaller, probably because did not see lulu when he was a child, so, lulu will show us, he has been beautiful to big, has been so beautiful.But radishes, they’re so funny.Ha ha ha ~ super cute, small, right, but because Yixing raised the cat as a pig, too fat.At that time, Yixing took Radish to a party. He was so fat that yixing felt his arms would get sore when holding him. At that time, in my mind, Radish was a pig, which was too fat.After that, Yixing raised the third and fourth brother.These cats, Yi Xing is also very pet, when interviewed, also talked about them.The third brother is very attached to Yixing, but Yixing likes radish better, but radish doesn’t stick to him. Is this what you can’t get?Is favored to rely on?Ha ha ha ~ These cats of Yixing have become objects of recognition just like Yixing.These four cats are the best of the cat world, but I think radish is better known for the best.After all, it was posted on People’s Daily online and reprinted by People’s Daily online.On the third day of the Chinese New Year, People’s Daily online published a blog with pictures. The nine pictures were our radish. Our radish was really the top cat.The second of the four cats, but called the Prince of the four cats, the boss of the big guys, their father Bi Yixing loves them the most.Look at the picture on People’s Daily. It’s so cute. Isn’t it a child?The most terrible is the fans, unexpectedly hit the face radish, the radish fat period of the picture, put out, this is not online hit the face radish?Radish told Yixing, hahaha ~ the above is all content (second circle of friends), welcome to leave a comment in the comments area below oh ~ for more entertainment information, please pay attention to (second circle of friends)!This article by the hundred number of authors (second circle of friends) first, shall not be reproduced without permission!

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