1-0, Asensio world wave, Real Madrid refused to upset, a night to dump Barca 15 points

Real Madrid, the 13-time Champions of the Champions League and 34-time champions of la Liga, will face off against Granada, the 16th-ranked side, in the 23rd round of la Liga at 4am on February 7, 2022.Before the real Madrid ahead of sevilla three points with a game in hand, actually also is not very obvious advantages, foot flat must be so real Madrid, real Madrid each flat 1 negative before the last 2 games, the state is not very good, and the granada 24 points before the 18th of the relegation zone only six points clear of cadiz, says they are a team avoid relegation team a little bit too much,They are in worse form than Real, having lost two of their last two games, but Granada’s two draws this season have put them in the way and their recent win over reigning champions Atletico Madrid shows how resilient they are.Home of the 433 by real Madrid, who by Mr, rodrigo, cross, marcelo jointly led by the starting, Appalachia, karma and at the same time, Arsenal theo, luka modric also got a chance to start, in addition he tang, card oaxaca, Kurt tuva also starts to battle together, and granada offering out of the 442,By Suarez, Corrado, Mirto, Neva co-lead the starting, while Milla, Tolent, Maximino, Germain also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Quini, Gonalon, Puertas also started together.In the 74th minute of the game, Asensio gave the world.Real refused to be upset with the win, leaving them with 53 points, six points clear of second-placed Sevilla and 15 points clear of Barcelona.

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