150,000 class high cost performance SUV recommended, high appearance level, large space, but also hot sale!

What impressed you most about using a car during Spring Festival?If you drive an all-electric car home for more than 400 kilometers on the highway, you’ll have range anxiety from any model on the market.If it is pure fuel car or oil – electric hybrid models can rest assured.For example, the following three blockbuster models can be purchased at a price of about 150,000 yuan, with very high cost performance and outstanding quality, which are worth recommending.They are absolutely a travel tool for the Spring Festival, through good sex, space and spacious, the key is very hot, do you pay attention to?Star, the price of 13.72 L – 185200 yuan in fact, I often recommend independent brand vehicles, especially in recent years the birth of the new independent brands, such as stars, the more L is a very practical SUV, it has a strong product advantages, whether appearance level or space, or intelligent experience, young people pursue the star, the more L can give to you.All in all, around 150,000 yuan, the Star Yue L is a good model.The star Yue L has a long wheelbase of 2845mm. It is a large 5-seat SUV with spacious and practical rear seat space, even if a tall man of 1.8 meters can sit in it.Not to mention the power, it is powered by the same 2.0-ton Volvo engine, with maximum power of 160kW and 175kW.So the power of this piece, star L is also very conscience.There is no doubt that the Star Yue L is a very cost-effective SUV, which is worth recommending.Song PLUS DM-I is the most popular hybrid model in 2021. It has a high level of appearance, fuel consumption of about 4.2L per 100 km, excellent dynamic performance and zero acceleration time of 5.9 seconds to 8.5 seconds.As an SUV, the Song PLUS DM-I is superior in performance.Speaking of hot sales, the Song PLUS DM-I should be one of the hottest models of 2021, especially in the 200,000-class range, with high ratings in terms of power, fuel consumption and quality.Therefore, song PLUS DM-I has achieved a monthly sales volume of over ten thousand, which is very popular.The third generation hafu H6 has been on the market for a long time. Compared with the second generation hafu H6, the new car has a good improvement in appearance and space, but the price is also relatively higher, a penny a penny.Why is the third generation Haval H6 a recommended 150,000-class SUV?In fact, starting from sales volume, Haval H6 is the overall champion of SUV sales in 2021, and the model sells well.On the other hand, the third generation of Hafu H6 is the latest product models, so there is a good improvement in quality and workmanship, and intelligent experience is also done quite well, this is the third generation of Hafu H6 advantages and selling points.In terms of power, the new car provides two kinds of power: 1.5T and 2.0T. If you have enough budget, I recommend you to choose 2.0T power model for better daily use experience.In the end, how to choose the high cost performance SUV of 150,000 class?First of all, we need to clarify our use needs, especially considering the travel problem during the Spring Festival, whether we need to go through the non-paved road, whether we need better passability, I think the above three SUV is very good, worth your reference.

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