Flowers are “fleeting”?Try these tips to keep your partner beautiful

Flowers are beautiful in spring, but if you don’t preserve them well, their beauty will be fleeting
Flowers, floral scissors, flower desiccant, sealed box.Production steps:
When making dried flowers, you can choose fresh flowers in the bouquet, and try to choose thick and complete petals. Avoid water and direct sunlight on the petals.Trim the leaves and petals, trimming the parts that do not want to make dried flowers.Pour a special flower desiccant into an airtight container (the size of the container depends on the number of flowers and the amount of desiccant used). First pour about one-third of the container into the prepared flowers and gently place them in the container.Pour the desiccant into the container gently and slowly to ensure that the desiccant can evenly cover all the flowers, until the whole container is filled, cover with a lid and leave for a week.Seal saves a week hind can make good dry flower take out, remember when taking out flower desiccant shake clean oh ~ accomplished, beautiful da ~ detain flower bookmark
Cardboard, transparent adhesive film, ribbon, all kinds of flowers, glue, tweezers and other common tools.Production steps:
Hold the flowers in a clip and arrange your favorite pattern on the paper.Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the flower in turn and secure it to the card.After the glue dries, cut out the corresponding size of the card with the film, and paste the film onto the card.Use scissors to trim the edges of the cardboard, punch holes in the bookmark and put on the ribbon.In addition to making dried flowers and bookmarks, we can also make flowers into ice flowers to play and take photos. What do you still have to keep flowers “beautiful” methods? Welcome to discuss with us ‍

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