Good luck!Zhu Yi singles skating draw result, Gu Ailing second competition postponed!

Beijing time on February 13, the Beijing Winter Olympics came to the ninth day of competition.Chinese figure skater Zhu Yi ranked 12th in the draw for the women’s single figure skating at the Winter Olympic Games today, and will take the last place in the second group. Compared with the psychological pressure brought by the front or back, this signing can be said to be relatively ideal.Russian figure skater Maria Valieva, who has been embroiled in doping scandals, was placed second in the final group.Women’s single skating competition, Beijing time on February 15 at 6pm short program stage competition, qualified players will participate in the free skating stage on February 17 and compete for MEDALS.In the previous competition, Chinese players Zhu Yi appeared a huge mistake, lead to two rounds of competition have failed to bring the positive contribution to the team, by domestic users of criticism and criticism, she also hide to cry after a failure, but as GuAiLing say, hope you can give more tolerant to Zhu Yi, hope she can adjust good mentality, make a turnaround!!Said to GuAiLing, today she will attend the second personal items should be in today at 10 a.m. the freestyle skiing women’s slope barrier technique qualification, the results because of zhangjiakou region in the snow and fog weather, forced to postpone to 12 noon, and then the weather is not better, then the official announced that the game will be postponed directly,The exact time of the game has not been announced.The photos sent back from the scene, snow is really small, local athletes try training in the case of snow, but was almost injured workers out of the venue, hope such emergency will not affect the GuAiLing state, on the other hand the genting ski park today evening for freestyle skiing women’s air skill game, veteran Xu Mengtao will play in our country,Let’s hope the match goes as planned.

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