Innovation continues a new chapter of the Olympic Games

If after the completion of the Olympic stadium is the athletes’ arena, so before the completion of the arena is the builder.High-tech building materials are a solid foundation for the construction of Olympic venues.From its foundation in April 2017 to its completion in December 2020, the construction process of the National Speed Skating Hall is a painstaking process of self-pressure and independent innovation.The high vanadium closed cable required for roof cable net structure of stadium is taken as an example.In the past, due to the high demand for material strength and durability, the high vanadium sealing cable applied in domestic engineering construction relies on imports for a long time, with high price and uncontrollable delivery time, which is a “stuck neck” technology.In order not to be controlled by others, the construction team decided to research and develop by themselves, and finally realized the first application of domestic high vanadium sealed cable in national large venues.This innovation not only reduced the cost by two thirds and shortened the supply cycle by half, but also promoted the rapid application of the technology in the construction of other large venues in China, breaking the monopoly of developed countries.In fact, the construction of the National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, faced similar difficulties.With the efforts of Chinese builders, the goal of 100% localization of the steel used in “Bird’s Nest” has been achieved, and the rapid development of the domestic high-strength steel industry has been driven, which has played a powerful role in promoting the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction.From the “Bird’s Nest” for the Summer Olympics to the “Ice Ribbon” for the Winter Olympics, the spirit of innovation has continued in the process of taking advantage of the Opportunity of the Olympics to promote the localization of high-end materials.When we are talking about the large size of the ice surface inside the stadium, and how the hard “steel skeleton” and the light “ice ribbon” complement each other, please give a round of applause to the behind-the-scenes builders.In order to enable athletes from all countries to compete in the best condition, the behind-the-scenes builders also practiced the Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” in another arena without judges and spectators, overcame one technical difficulty after another, and contributed to the world’s Olympic stadium construction “China plan”.(Kang Qiongyan via Economic Daily News)

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