Is tooth ache better with what toothpaste?Try this medical toothpaste

This time the Chinese New Year a lot of friends met toothache problem, everyone knows that toothache pain in particular, if not dealt with also know “toothache is not ill can kill you”, but also hurt a lot of people are in the middle of the night, even can’t find places to buy a pain-killer, only hard next to, at this time people really feel what is pain and helpless.Is tooth ache better with what toothpaste?And some friends said, a lot of toothpaste advertisements say their toothpaste can treat toothache, we can use toothpaste to relieve toothache ah, how to choose?If the toothpaste is simply suitable for toothache patients, there are a lot of toothpaste to choose, but we suggest that you try to choose some less irritating toothpaste, especially those who have sensitive teeth, try to choose anti-allergy toothpaste.The etiology of toothache is caused by infection of periodontal tissue caused by bacteria in dental plaque, such as periodontitis, gingivitis and pulpitis.Therefore, it is difficult to completely solve the problem of toothache by toothpaste alone. Even if some toothpaste contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it can only play a certain auxiliary role.Medical toothpaste is, of course, can be used to improve the teeth of pain, such as “autumn” herbal toothpaste, it is a medical toothpaste, it can quickly reduce the pain of teeth diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis caused, this is because it contains a lot of have the anti-inflammatory, analgesic efficacy of herbal ingredients, and particularly strong permeability, so in terms of analgesic anti-inflammatory, quick results and more thoroughly.Moreover, this kind of toothpaste also has a strong effect of protecting and retaining teeth, improving tooth sensitivity and enhancing dentine. It can be used daily and has a very significant effect on preventing gingivitis, periodontitis and other common dental diseases.However, we would like to remind you that in the following cases, we will go to the hospital in time to take more systematic treatment :1. Severe and extensive dental caries are difficult to repair;2, tooth trauma fracture to gingiva too much or broken root;3, late periodontitis, such as tooth loosening, displacement, alveolar bone extensive absorption and other symptoms;4, impacted teeth, this kind of wisdom teeth will cause periodontitis and adjacent teeth caries problems repeatedly;We mentioned before for more than a toothache because plaque bacterial infection in the periodontal tissue, leading to tooth nerve inflammation caused by infection, and this situation because we have no more to form a good habit of wash gargle, eating habits, such as brushing, mouthwash, often eat sweet food, love to drink carbonated drinks, etc., so we must pay more attention, timely adjust to improve these bad habits, thisThe kind ability solves toothache problem from the root, otherwise toothache will appear again sooner or later.Well, today we stop here, I hope to bring you some help, as soon as possible to solve the problem of toothache.

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