North China Electric Power University: Undergraduate students are evenly distributed among provinces and cities, with electrical and energy engineering majors accounting for 27%

Current university graduate obtain employment market, besides computer, electronic information industry, take an examination of officeholder, choose to be adjusted to be born, be born to wait for employment besides, one of the industries that everybody likes most is electric power industry, if can enter electric power bureau obtain employment, basically whole family is happy, compare to take an examination of 985, 211 university is same.In terms of employment in the electric power Bureau, in addition to the domestic famous universities, there are several well-known universities in the electric power industry that everyone is very familiar with, such as North China Electric Power University and Shanghai Electric Power University, etc. The graduates of these two universities have very great opportunities to get employment in the electric power Bureau.Today, we will look at the employment situation of 2021 graduates of North China Electric Power University.In 2021, there will be 8,889 graduates of North China Electric Power University.Among them, 5,855 undergraduates, accounting for 65.87% of the total number of graduates;There are 2,874 master degree graduates, accounting for 32.33% of the total number of graduates;There are 160 PhD graduates, accounting for 1.8%.There are 485 students from Hebei Province, accounting for 8.28% of the total number of undergraduate graduates. As North China Electric Power University has two campuses separated from Baoding and Beijing, the proportion of local students does not take much advantage.In addition, there are 285 undergraduates from Shandong, 297 from Henan, 266 from Shaanxi, 267 from Anhui, 250 from Beijing, 253 from Xinjiang, 221 from Sichuan, 229 from Guizhou, 96 from Hunan, 203 from Yunnan, and 110 from Chongqing. There is not a big gap in the size of undergraduates among provinces and cities.School graduates distributed in 13 college, including graduates from 12 colleges, is the largest number of 1366 people, college of electrical and electronic engineering school of energy power and mechanical engineering, 1182, control and computer engineering college in 960, economic and management institute, 804, the largest number of most other college between 180-350,Only the College of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering has 76.Among the major sources of undergraduate students, electrical engineering and automation major reached 968, ranking the absolute first.Energy and Power Engineering (621 students), automation 301 students, communication engineering 198 students, measurement and control technology and instrument 194 students, new energy science and engineering 176 students, computer Science and Technology 174 students and the School of International Education electrical Engineering and automation 184 students and so on.Master degree students also come from 12 schools, among which 874 are from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 440 from the School of Energy, Power and Mechanical Engineering, 442 from the School of Control and Computer Engineering, and 629 from the School of Economics and Management.PhD students come from 7 schools, among which 42 are from The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and 50 from the School of Energy, Power and Mechanical Engineering.As an industrial university, the major offered by the university is mainly concentrated in the four major majors required by the industry.Orientation analysis of Graduates of North China Electric Power University As an industrial university, most of its undergraduates do not directly choose employment, and the enrollment rate is not lower than that of many 985 universities.In 2021, 39.23 percent of university graduates will choose to study in China, 4.46 percent will study abroad, 39.4 percent will find employment directly through agreements or contracts, and 4.46 percent will find flexible employment.Besides North China Electric Power University, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and so on are the most preferred universities for graduates to study.There are university of Manchester, Moscow Power Institute, University of Edinburgh, RWTH Aachen University, University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and so on.Among the graduates employed by agreement or contract, the proportion of graduates employed by state-owned enterprises is 56.26%, public institutions 4.22%, Party and government organs and the army 2.52%, and other enterprises 31.35%.Of the graduates, 50.7% chose electrical, thermal, gas and water production and supply industries.The number of graduates working in the global top 500 companies reached 1,950 and the number of graduates working in the Domestic top 500 companies reached 2,150.State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) are the top three companies in the top 10, most of which are state-owned power enterprises.

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