Now most of the players, still insist on playing these five games, are you fooled?

Hello everyone, I am money big tour, you played the longest game still remember?If you could play these five games for five years, which one would you play?At that time, I was still in college and lived in the same dormitory. At the beginning, I didn’t have much activities. Every day, I was thinking about how to arrange the array, platoon, army doctor + tank, meat shield + rocket force and so on.Later I unloaded and downloaded, downloaded and unloaded, back and forth many times, I remember the first time when the crab came out, so excited that I could not sleep.Fantasy westward journey of the game can be regarded as an enduring old strong, mobile game “fantasy westward journey” continues the end game background and setting, swordsman, bone elves, dragon prince, tiger and blame, xuan mining moths, and dart and ghost six elements, such as classic role in according to the characteristics of smart phones also got reduction after optimized.At the same time, features of the end game, such as gangs, commerce, and mentoring relationships, have been transplanted to the mobile version.Clan conflict was once thought to have reached the limit of 10 coCS, but now 11, 12, and 13 have been released, with various new additions to combat heroes, chariots, airships, and other clan reinforcements that have greatly improved the game experience and player interaction in combat, and coC battles are usually only 3-4 minutes long.The developers’ top-level planning always makes the experience of the game better and better in this short period of leisure time.Honor of Kings as a popular mobile game, “Honor of Kings” influence needless to say.Next, the king will try to link the Chinese traditional culture, hope that more young people feel our excellent traditional Chinese culture, I’m from S5 has been playing the game, I have it should have all the experience, I am still playing, because in his spare time, I use it as a way of social entertainment, open up with friends.Players can personally experience the valley style, under the influence of this, I believe that many players will continue to play king of Glory games.Kingdom era this game need not say more, said more are tears, because is not RMB ordinary players, so every day is still being beaten.”Kingdom Era” is a multiplayer online, real-time 3D war strategy game developed by IGG. It uses the common data of IOS and Android platforms, and realizes the interactive experience of global servers through multi-language translation function.Well, that’s it for this issue. Good games grow with players and become a habit.Proper play benefits the brain, play more harm the body, finally, I hope you pay attention to me, thank you.

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