Peach tree fruit, tree insects how to do?Peach tree does not bear how to return a responsibility?

Peach tree fruit tree insects can take the following three methods: first, direct spraying agents, eliminate eggs and pests;Second, the hole application, depth needs to reach the wood inside, and then injection;Third, the introduction of natural enemies for insect removal, more safe.First of all, peach tree insects are a very common thing, almost every year, we can directly use the way of spraying insecticides for pest control.The solution can be diluted pine or carbendazim to kill eggs and pests, or bagging can be used to prevent pests.Secondly, if you want a more simple and efficient way, you can directly punch the hole, directly use a special tool to hit a hole with a slope of about 45 degrees, pay attention to the depth of the wood inside, too shallow will not play a role.Injection directly into the hole, generally in two or three days to see the results.Finally, if you’re worried about harming the plant with an agent, a safer approach is to introduce the pest’s natural enemy.Peach tree does not bear how to return a responsibility?First of all, it may be because there is no timely pruning, because the greater role of fruit peach trees is to yield, so in the tree shape will not do more requirements, usually need to be timely pruning, to prevent excessive nutrient consumption resulting in no fruit.Secondly, malnutrition will also cause peach trees do not bear fruit, because the peach trees will bear fruit, the demand for nutrients is still relatively large, we need to timely fertilization, usually when also should pay attention to thin fertilizer application.Finally, the weather may also affect peach fruit, if the area is in a long period of rainy weather, then it is likely to affect the life of flowers, resulting in peach tree fruit or less.

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