Ten key cultural activities in Heping District in 2022 released!

Recently, Heping District launched ten key cultural activities in 2022 to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively building a new peace of “two high schools and three modernization” and boosting the construction of an international consumer center city.The ten major cultural activities include: first, the 16th “Peace Cup” Invitation Competition for Peking Opera Fans.Second, we will host the 36th Peace Cooling Gala.The opening and closing ceremonies will be hosted by the district culture and tourism Bureau, and more than 30 artistic performances will be held in the streets and communities.Third, the fifth Cultural Reading Tour was held with the theme of “Full of Books and Peace”.Including carrying out the “Book full of Peace” volunteer service plan and annual theme activities, regional brand activities.Fourth, the 2022 “Spring of Peace” cultural and art Festival will be held during the May Day holiday.A series of elegant artistic performances and exhibitions will be staged.Fifth, during the “National Day” golden Week, a series of cultural activities of “Golden Autumn October Cultural Tourism Shopping Season” will be held in the Golden Street and Fifth Avenue scenic spots to promote the integrated development of culture, tourism and business.Sixth, the peace Cross Talk Club will hold a series of public benefit performances at 7:30 p.m. every Friday in the theater on the third floor of the Peace Culture Palace.The seventh “Peace Cup” Tianjin Chorus Art Festival was held.The competition will be officially launched in May, and the final and award ceremony will be held in October to complete the whole schedule.Eighth, it is expected to hold the oil painting tour of “Walking Foreign buildings” in Shanghai Jiading District Culture Center in September this year, through which the style, cultural scenery, history and culture of small foreign buildings in Heping District will be fully communicated.Ninth, the works will compete for the 19th Stars Award, and the finalists will participate in the 19th National Finals of the Stars Award in the second half of 2022.Tenth, the seventh batch of district-level INTANGIBLE cultural Heritage projects will be evaluated and the awarding ceremony will be held in December.

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