Tranquillity is very serious!Zhang Yuting talks about the coaching styles of Kim Sun-dae and Ahn Hyun-soo

China’s Zhang Yuting ended her Olympic run in Beijing on Feb 16, the final day of short track speed skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, with a final loss in the women’s 1500m event.Zhang Yuting accepted the reporter’s interview after the game, also talked about Kim Sun-dae and Ahn Hyun-soo two coaches coaching style.For their performance in the Olympic Games, Zhang Yuting is also more satisfied: “I feel very good, go all out, I have to fight, really fight.”In the semifinal, Zhang Yuting launched a number of outside overtake, eventually physical fatigue, and the group of Han Yutong at the last moment to seize the opportunity to advance to the final.Zhang yuting said she had fulfilled her mission to protect her teammates. “I just tried to protect my teammates to get to the final, and I hope they cheer for the final.”In the women’s 1500 meters quarterfinal, Zhang Yuting qualified third, but the result of Zhang Yuting’s group was announced late.We couldn’t see how many laps were left. I had to use my last bit of strength to catch up with the man in front of me. At the end, I had to keep on top, on top.”The Olympics is more competitive than the World Cup. There are a lot of fouls.I have achieved a lot, thanks to the country and the team, as well as the coaches and staff. Without them, I would not have achieved what I did, “Zhang said.” I still need everyone’s encouragement, and I thank them very much.”As for Kim shandai, Zhang yuting also said: “Kim believes in us very much, so we can have such good results.Kim helped us in all the projects, helping us improve little by little in the details of skills and techniques.”Speaking of Ahn hyun-soo, Chang said he is a very serious person: “He has improved us as a whole, the team technically and spiritually.Brother Ann is very earnest. When we are tired and want to rest, he gets angry.”Whether in the interview or the previous live broadcast, Zhang Yuting called Ahn Hyun-soo Brother An, after the Winter Olympics trip, when asked about the name “Brother An”, Zhang Yuting said: “Brother An?It’s peace!”

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