Visit Yunmen Temple in Shaoguan

Under yunshan Mountain of Yao nationality in northern Guangdong province, the most eminent monks and famous temples stand side by side.The temple was filled with incense and ashes.When people walk around, Buddha sits and watches.New Year opens the year more tourists, pen new writing poetry.The sun leaning pagoda temple partridge flying.Cloud gate infinite good, wanderer look forward to home.This refers to yunmen Mountain, 6 kilometers northeast of Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County in northern Guangdong, and Yunmen Temple is located at the foot of the mountain.Yu Dingji on February 2, 2022 in Beijing Linjiangxian youshaoguan Yunmen Temple Gonggong Network Lin Xiaoying/Photo Note: Ci Linzhengyun Third Pingyun Geba (He Zhuti) Source: Gonggong Daily – Gonggong WEBSITE URL: Author: Yu Dingji edited: Gong Jianguang Copyright Statement:Gonggong Daily Co., LTD. Original manuscript is strictly prohibited reprint infringement will be investigated!

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