What taxes do you have to pay to run a company?

Operating a company to pay what taxes, is closely related to the type of company registration and the scope of the company’s operations.Different companies, selling different products, providing different services, the kind of taxes are not the same, and even the same business, for a contract form, the tax to pay is not the same.Below, xiaobian with a table, a brief arrangement of China’s current touch of 19 taxes.Among them, value-added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax, stamp duty, city maintenance and construction tax, are the most frequently touched by the company.After the beginning of the operation of the company will be basically touched, but also when the company considers tax planning, the most concerned points.There are several points worth noting: 1. VAT is closely related to business, so it should be taken into account when designing business model and earnings model.2, corporate income tax has the most abundant tax preferential policies, after the beginning of the company surplus, is bound to be the focus of attention.And, ever surplus can compensate ever annual loss, is also the point of planning.3. In order to avoid personal income tax, many companies use the boss’s personal card to pay wages or take labor fees. In the future, this may become the key point of inspection, and it is advocated to consider standardization from the beginning.4, stamp duty with the contract signed by a stake, if the contract amount is large, need to consider the contract type, signed separately may have more advantages.This thing is capital reserve and real capital are same want to pay stamp duty.Other tax items, usually a number of specific occupation or specific economic behavior will touch, attributed to relatively small taxes, such as consumption tax, only production, processing consumption tax items in the rules of what goods, will touch, mainly used to adjust the market consumption behavior.The resource tax is closely related to power, mining and other occupations.Tariffs are for import matters only.When can have relevant tax behavior, pay attention to understanding again.Above, is a company in the business process, may touch on all the taxes, but whether to pay taxes, what taxes to pay, is closely related to the actual affairs of the company.In the absolute majority of cases, not all taxes have to be paid.Want to emphasize a bit finally is: only income tax is concerned with profit, need not pay income tax without profit.Other tax items have nothing to do with profit. No matter whether the company is in surplus or not, it only needs to have tax-related behavior to pay tax.

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