Wu Jing was known as a tough guy who admitted to being henpecked in life

Let’s learn more about Wu Jing and his life.Born in 1974, Wu jing came from a family of martial arts in Beijing. When he was six years old, his father sent him to Shichahai Sports School, where his master was Wu Bin, who trained Jet Li.While other children are watching TV and playing games, Wu jing is riding his horse.Wu Jing felt wronged to find his parents, crying to quit school [tears], but his father’s cold opposition, so he secretly fled school.His father was so angry that he threw him seven or eight meters away and watched him hit the wall.Having experienced this, Wu Jing understood his parents’ good intentions.Hard work pays off. In 1986, 12-year-old Wu jing represented his school and won the national championship.However, at the age of 14, he injured a nerve in his lower back due to excessive training, resulting in paralysis of the lower part of his body.Faced with such a painful blow, Wu Jing often cried in the quilt, he did not know what to do in the future. Fortunately, he gradually recovered.On this day, Yuan Wo-ping comes to the school to pick an actor. Because they are good friends, Wu Jing is recommended to him by Wu Bin.After all, is the new just came to the cast, Wu Jing ate a lot of suffering, others have assistants to help take lunch boxes, take props, and Wu Jing can only rely on their own, sometimes go back late even no meal.Even in such a highly competitive environment, Wu jing had a period of time when there was no film to shoot. He had no choice but to pass the long nights by listening to crosstalk.In 2005, Wu jing got the chance to show off in SPL, and he treasured it so much that yen broke four sticks on Wu jing’s body for the scene, and Wu Couldn’t lift his hands.Wu met Xie Nan in 2010 on a show recording site.In one episode, Xie Nan, the host, asked Wu what he wanted from his partner.To his surprise, Wu sent three straight messages asking, “Are you married?Do you have a boyfriend?What are you?”Later, Wu Jing even lost all his money for his film Wolf Warrior. When wu felt desperate and wanted to give up, Xie Nan said, “This movie is your dream. If you don’t realize it, no matter how much money you leave, it’s meaningless.As soon as the three words came out, the tough Wu burst into tears and was filled with gratitude.He made up his mind that he would never fail her.Now wu jing’s wife and son are the soft category, although the film is very hard, now the family first.In the past, wu Jing used to live in the studio when he was too late. Now it’s different. Wu Jing would rush home to accompany his wife and children when he had some time.Welcome to the comments section (pictures from the Internet)

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