Zhang Daqian’s paintings cost 190 million yuan; Hu Ruosi’s, which he kicked out of his class, cost 1.39 million yuan

Speaking of the two masters, Zhang Daqian and Hu Ruosi, we have to mention the “Strong Wind Hall School of Painting”.In the 1920s, two brothers, Zhang Shanzi and Zhang Daqian, were living in Shanghai. By chance, they got a painting titled “The Departure of Marquis Wu of Zhuge” painted by Zhang Feng, a painter of the Ming Dynasty. Zhang Feng, in the late Ming dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, was a painter they had liked and worshipped very much since childhood regardless of his personality and painting style, and their mother also liked it very much.The two brothers named the hall of the Xicheng Li residence “Fengfeng Hall” after zhang Feng’s character (Feng Feng).Zhang Shanzi, Zhang Daqian two brothers later opened a school here, preaching and teaching skills, later disciples received dozens of, many of them became the masters of the painting world, disciples all call themselves dafengtang gatekeeper, so gradually formed a school of dafengtang painting.Into the strong wind hall to learn art, need to have painting talent and correct character, and by zhang’s family or friends recommended by two people, and then pass the students, kowtow salute, can be regarded as an entry disciple.The above picture shows the painting studio of Fengfeng Hall. The disciples of Fengfeng Hall are:Rumor, Long Guobing, Wang Yongnian, kang-le wang, Xiao Jianchu, Zhang Xinrui, Tian Shiguang, MuLingFei, Hu Resi, Hu Shuangan, Liu Lishang, YuZhiZhen, Lou jiao, Huang Dufeng, Zhao Yunyu, Sun Jiaqin, Liang Shunian, YuJiGao, YanShengYuan, Cao Datie, Zhang Zhengyong, Hu Li, Liu Junli, Chen Congzhou, soong mei-ling, luo, Ding Hanyuan, of new Xie Bozi, mi tillage cloud, etc.As the first generation disciple gradually died, the second generation in the disciple has tso, xie jade tree, by deng, Chen Mowu, zhao night white, carp, hu li to, Xu Shoupeng, Li Daiyuan, Xie Taiwei, TuJi spring, ups and downs, Qin Xuewen, Wang Jinquan, liu Fan Ruyu, Wu Sikun, etc many art, show the wind painting great vitality.Zhang Daqian is the most legendary master of Chinese painting in the 20th century, no matter in painting, calligraphy, seal cutting, poetry.Early focus on the study of ancient painting and calligraphy, especially in landscape painting achievements.After living overseas, the combination of painting style and writing, heavy color and ink painting, especially splash-ink and splash-color, created a new artistic style.In the 1930s, he taught twice as a professor of art at Nanjing University, also known as Central University.He held a large number of exhibitions in Asia, Europe, the United States, internationally renowned, known as “today’s most famous Chinese painting master”, archaize paintings can be true, “cheat” many identification master.Xu Beihong once said: “Zhang Daqian, the first person in 500 years.”On May 31, 2011, sotheby’s Hong Kong auction house held a special auction of “Meiyuntang Collection of Zhang Daqian’s Paintings”. After several rounds of bidding, zhang Daqian’s color paper vertical scroll “Jia Lotus Root” in 1947 was sold at 191.06 million Hong Kong dollars.Painted in 1947, jia Ou Tu is about 1.84 meters in length and 0.9 meters in width. Lotus flowers are used in the painting to symbolize a happy couple.In the painting, the seiko and meticulous description of gold zhu He, in the dark green stained Tiantian Maoye set off, magnificent without the craftsman vulgar gas, thick Yin in the double habitat yuanyang colorful, carefree.The whole painting is grand and orderly, which is zhang Daqian’s masterpiece of color and ink painting.”Love Trace Lake” China Jiande 2010 spring shoot modern calligraphy and painting “open today through the ancient — Zhang Daqian, Huang Binhong, Wu Hufan and contemporary painters” on the special show, after nearly 60 rounds of fierce bidding, Zhang Daqian in his old age huge silk “Love Trace Lake” with 100.8 million yuan set the Chinese modern calligraphy and painting for the first time through 100 million yuan mark,It has become a new milestone in the price of modern Chinese painting and calligraphy market.This silk “Love Trace Lake” is a huge silk painting made by Zhang Daqian in 1968. It is 76.2 cm wide and 264.2 cm long. The picture depicts a view of Lake Aachen in Switzerland, which was created in the same year as Zhang Daqian’s “Thousands of miles of Yangtze River”.In the 1960s, this work was exhibited in famous galleries in New York, Boston, Chicago and other places. In 2003, it was also exhibited in Between Two Cultures, a large-scale Chinese modern art exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is recognized by the art circle as the most wonderful work of Zhang Daqian’s colorful landscape painting.The work adopts the technique of “splash color” of Zhang Daqiankai’s painting style: abstract ink and color “splash” out of the mountain, like waves surging in the picture;The house stood still in the midst of the waves.The breadth of the idea, and the clarity of the details, organically integrated.This is zhang Daqian’s work of blending western abstract art with traditional Chinese literati art, as well as a modern translation of the magnificent landscape of the Northern Song Dynasty in a modern language.After the 1968 tour, Zhang daqian himself donated the work to the current collector.In the early days of the ancient times, Zhang Daqian studied traditional works by tracing them from the Qing Dynasty to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.From copying to imitation, and then to counterfeiting, especially copying Shitao and eight works can be achieved to the point of lifelike.2, 40 s, 60 s first impression of natural Chang in solid grasp on the basis of traditional techniques, change blindly copy the ancient Ming and qing dynasty, from the ills of literati paintings of life, began to write a lot of sketch JiYou works, interest, especially the creation of green or its scenery is gorgeous, elegant, popular.In 1966, Zhang Daqian went to Hong Kong to watch the Art exhibition of St. Paul, which was very inspired. Later, “the style changed greatly, and ink and color were popular”. Ink and color on the picture gradually increased, becoming one of the most important means of creation, and the appearance of ink and color was finally formed in this period.Four, the artistic characteristics of chang 1, chang painting and calligraphy art of the pen of a form in the decades of art practice method and the habit of writing, a pseudo hand to whole society is impossible in the short term, even if the copy, also can only be surface shape, to do lively spirit, spirit likeness is impossible, pseudo chang painting also is such.2, Zhang Daqian’s calligraphy, learning Zeng Xi and Li Ruiqing in the early years, learning Shi Tao, bada Shanren, its calligraphy has two faces;After that, he learned wei Bei, “bury crane Ming” and Ning Dynasty huang Tingjian, thus forming a neat, flat qiuqi, li Kai phase of the book wind.His office money is very characteristic, about the writing of the word “hence”, from the handed down works, and there are three different writing methods.On how to pay, Zhang Daqian also has a set of exquisite.Of chang 3 and chang of calligraphy seal chang seals, according to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 50 square, are: hence, zhang zhang 蝯, chang, fills the householder, shu, three thousand wide, shu zhang hence, winds don, young yan building, mo jie mountain park, modern body, three fiercely to huangshan mountain, the old abandoned in dunhuang, bearded Zhang Lang 38, balsam pear taste such as print.These seals of Zhang Daqian are not only evidence of identification, but also important historical materials for understanding his life and artistic style.Five, Hu Ruosi Hu Ruosi father is a painting and calligraphy merchant, and Zhang Daqian good relationship, therefore, Hu Ruosi nine years old to learn from Zhang Daqian painting, as a disciple of the Strong Wind Hall.At the age of 14, he followed Zhang Daqian to Japan and held exhibitions in Tokyo and other places. At the age of 15, he participated in the Belgian World Exposition and won the gold medal.Good at painting landscapes and figures.Landscape by the Five Dynasties, the Northern Song dynasty and the Ming four, and the early Qing Shi Tao and modern Huang Binhong, Zhang Daqian and other people, composition and layout of a unique style, bold and vigorous brush, painting changes, the color of the brush and ink, skillful techniques.It can be said that among Zhang Daqian’s disciples, Hu Ruosi is the one with the deepest traditional skills.Hu Ruosi’s “Guilin Landscape,” rumored to have been auctioned for 5.67 million yuan, is in fact housed in the National Museum of China.Figure has two sections, far Zhi Bi Zhang, three peaks stand, piedside tianshe family, drink smoke forest trees, field such as scale;Separated by the Li River, river boat boats fishing father, contact for fish;Near there was a long dyke meandering, sailing boat, mooring on the river bank, a man sitting shoulder and walking on the dyke.In addition between the ridges of the field, roughly embellished farmer pawn vending husband.Full picture double hook fill color, green set color such as cui like bi, apply dye even without some anger, the author with long jian fine strong brush outline of the structure of stone and stone cascade, long and soft and without weak fiber mei, green heavy color lining with powdery white ochre, very decorative.The pleats of the figures are graceful and graceful, which is consistent with the style of the figures painted by Mr. Daqian when he returned from Dunhuang. The brilliant and clear demeanor is more hu’s characteristic.For this reason, Hu ruosi gained the reputation of “southern Hu charm” in the 1970s.In 2011, Hu Ruosi’s “Huashan Sea of Clouds” was sold at 1,394,000 yuan in Beijing, making it the most expensive work by Hu Ruosi at auction.Six, Hu Resi and master chang enmity Hu Resi following chang painting a few years later, the copy over the painting has almost reached the level of chang, especially good at over shallow purple landscape, pen and ink style may chang, chang to draw a lot of people find, buy and want to send, many are coming over the style landscape, chang overwhelmed,Let Hu Ruosi ghostwrite, he then embellish the seal on the inscription and postscript, the paintings actually no one knows is disciples ghostwrite and “cooperation”.After the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japan, Zhang Daqian refused to draw for the Japanese, the Japanese were under house arrest in Peiping, many rumors zhang Daqian has been “killed”.Hu Ruosi faked 100 of Zhang Daqian’s paintings in Shanghai, most of which were light purple landscapes in The Style of Shitao, and held an exhibition called “Zhang Daqian’s Dead Works Exhibition”. No one knew the fakery and it was difficult to tell the real from the fake, so they were all bought up, causing the public indignation of other students in Shanghai Da Feng Tang.Zhang daqian fled Peiping through various means, and when he arrived in Shanghai, he published a statement in the newspaper that he would expel Hu Ruosi from the “school” and never recognize him again.Hu Ruosi’s “The Foolish Old Man Moved the Mountain” 1.265,000 Hu Ruosi lotus picture

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