Baiyin Road emergency support and road network monitoring center to take care of the emphasis on snow removal and anti-skid out

Gansu daily webex In the face of Spring Festival travel peak during a wide range of heavy snow and cold weather, February 5 solstice 8, silver highway emergency security and network monitoring center in the snow to make, “fast” the word, immediately start emergency preplans for ice and snow and bag piece of leadership to a line, leveraging existing staff, equipment, materials, in the area of road, custody fight snow prevented slippery, day and nightThis round of snow removal to ensure access to the battle, to ensure the safety of vehicles returning from the Spring Festival travel rush.According to the principle of “primary care, gradually”, emergency protection and effective use of emergency command and dispatch platform network monitoring center, overall coordination, scientific ShiCe, increase highway patrol frequency, and the jurisdiction sharp slope steep slope, shadow, grow up, yi snow ice and other key sections monitored manned 24 hours a day, every day the cumulative collection article to more than 30 kinds of road antiskid bao chang,Provide information and guidance for each section to quickly restore the road unblocked.For days, emergency crews high strength on the road to play ice snow removal operations, have made their exhaustion of body and mind, but the players to overcome the slippery, exhaustion, low temperature, such as difficulty, as we go along, always maintain high morale, take concrete actions to interpret the “special bearing, special can endure hardship, particularly fight, special dedication” spirit of the traffic in the new period,Let the party flag in the first line of fighting wind and snow shine.Snow, bao chang, emergency command and network monitoring center will pay close attention to traffic information, to ensure the efficient and accurate information transmission, arrange the deployment of emergency team seize snow suspending gap, go all out, conscientious, continue to carry forward the rough with the smooth, can fight dedication, continue to do a good job of antiskid bao chang travel home.(Cao Hongtao)

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