Chengmai latest bulletin: the county did not delimit high-risk areas

On the afternoon of February 20, the Command For Prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Chengmai County released the latest information on the prevention and control of the epidemic.Circular introduction, will be minxing residential F block zoned control area;Qianqiu Square pick up flavor restaurant hotel, county people’s hospital next to the breakfast shop (power computer elevator entrance) as the containment point;The surrounding area of Minxing Community (from east to Coidao Avenue, south to Jinma Yiheng Road, west to Provincial Road 303, north to Jinma Erheng West Road and East Road) will be designated as the control area.Minxing Community has 6 buildings with a total number of 576 households and a population of about 963 people, including about 280 people in 96 households of Building F.At the same time, yellow codes were assigned to 23,313 mobile phone numbers in the residential communities and places that the patients had visited, as well as those that intermingled with the patients at the same time. A sampling team was organized to collect samples from people in the above areas for nucleic acid testing.As of 15 o ‘clock on February 20, 86 close contacts had been initially identified, including 74 in The province (71 in Chengmai County and 3 outside the county), all of whom had been placed under centralized quarantine.12 people from other provinces have been sent to the provincial CDC for investigation.As of 15 o ‘clock on February 20, 269 people who have been connected have been initially identified and relevant control measures have been put in place.As of 15 o ‘clock on February 20, samples from 71 close contacts and 177 close contacts were taken for nucleic acid testing, and the results were all negative.In addition, to ensure people’s health and life safety, accurate control and prevention measures, chengmai take “shall adopt all adopt” principle, to further expand the scope of nucleic acid detection screening, the county town (jinjiang) set up eight fixed sampling points, sampling flow point 3, the traffic control points, control area and the surrounding people line of nucleic acid testing samples,A total of 32,297 samples were collected, of which 21,885 were negative for nucleic acid test (including 8102 in the containment point and control area), and 10,412 were not detected.On February 19, chengmai County CDC staff collected 20 environmental samples at home and abroad, 40 environmental samples outside the Qianqiu Flavor restaurant, 19 environmental samples outside the breakfast shop next to the People’s Hospital of Chengmai County, a total of 79 samples, sent to the People’s Hospital of Chengmai County for nucleic acid testing, the results were negative.In addition, Haikou has provided Three sampling vehicles to Chengmai, with 64 medical staff and 30,000 medical protective equipment and sampling supplies.According to the COVID-19 classification standards, no medium-high risk area has been designated in Chengmai County.In addition, the general public is reminded to pay attention to the information released by the official authorities, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, maintain a good attitude and normal work and life.

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