In the world: Zhou Rong home color TV 2500, bingyi refused unit branch, bingkun’s life deserved it?

Article | ping-i Chou in slow garden “in the” original factory down, word of mouth, the collapse in near retirement, the thought of to help light words, before this, he took his three red packets, went to XiaoGuoQing, catch up with sun and often progress, each give a red envelope, containing three thousand yuan, often has more progress for one thousand;At that time, this is a large sum of money, so let the money received the several families so anxious, Zhou Bingyi said to Hao Dongmei this is to thank them for these years to take care of the zhou neighbors, but so angered bingkun!Hao Dongmei said a word to the point: brother seems to help his brother’s poor friends, in the folk to please themselves, to establish a new image, but never willing to give his brother three thousand yuan, up to only one thousand!”You’re being generous to his friends, and it’s making him unbalanced!”At that time Zhou Bingkun just released from prison not long, and Zheng Juan together to sell breakfast is not easy, but brother said: “I think he is serious dissatisfaction with the reality!”In Zhou bingyi’s opinion, did Zhou bingkun deserve to suffer?Zhou Zhigang before he died, said the truth of many children family “this is the father of the three of you, not bingkun a person, you can’t because brother always keep in the side of mom and dad, out of what things all blame him!”Choo Bingyi and Choo Rong are obviously taken for granted!”The world” 39 sets Zhou Zhigang fainted, the whole family moved up, National Day Wu Qian because ran too fast, fell down in the snow;Debao took Qiao Chunyan, catch up with the carriage, light word pieces of the poor boy so mighty zhou Zhigang sent to the hospital;This one shot is enough to show the “six small gentleman” between the trouble true feelings, such as the old man are discharged, the boss bingyi just rushed home, a mouth on bingkun why not call his sister-in-law car;At this time zhou Zhigang for the first time in front of Zhou Bingyi uphold bingkun: “No investigation, no right to speak, you see you, a door blah blah blah, I this fortunately ah, not dead, I want to die, you still don’t bingkun wronged!”Finish this word zhou Zhigang also changed his hand to clap his wife’s hand, dare he knew his first such training Zhou Bingyi, but on the deathbed, this he must say: “Bingkun did not call dongmei let her mother call a car, do right, you all know, your dad, never willing to ask people.”Zhou Zhigang and Li Suhua in this life, the biggest regret is not not to live in the son of the house demolition, but to death have not seen dongmei’s parents.When Yue Yue stayed there for a few days, Li Suhua still took her arm and asked her how big their house was and how many rooms it had.Zhou Bingyi estimated how can not think of, parents, also do not care about how much he was an official, what kind of power, always concerned is also his meal a meal is comfortable, live properly, will see the face of the in-laws.Although li Suhua stopped him from going on, Zhou Zhigang blurted out: “Dongmei asked her mother if her mother would come?If she doesn’t come, I’m your father and you’re her son-in-law.But if you come here and don’t recognize them, everyone has a burden, and this burden is even heavier for me!”These words were bingyi when dealing with boxing exactly the same lines, is now zhou Dad said, but very ironic, with the same in-laws, twenty years do not meet, no contact, this is not a simple class problem, this is Zhou Bingyi will not be a son!Zhou Bingyi is the most unfeeling place, his father in the heart of the thorn he knew, still ignore, he did the most easy, let Jin Yueyi the most comfortable;Feng Huacheng once said in the play, he thinks there are two kinds of filial piety, one is to give parents to raise mouth body, the second is to earn honor outside is to raise the mind, he thinks these two kinds of status is the same!And Zuo Zongtang’s original words are like this: “Nourishing the mouth body, not as nourishing the mind.For people, to degree fundamental, to flashy “.So the poet Feng Cheng is the most cunning, words can be said in reverse, Zuo Zongtang’s original words in a “raise” word, is parents to children, if on the contrary, children to parents, but also raise the mind?Ordinary parents are getting old, if their children can serve a meal well, it is a great blessing!So Zhou Zhigang said that he can let the light of these children for his desperately, willingly sent to the hospital, this is his fate!Life did not understand the truth, life with the truth to digest!To the children “raise the mind”, to the parents to “raise mouth body” said zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong of parents’ feelings, can not bring comfort, and then to the problem of money!Zhou’s three children, Zhou Rong since college graduation are planning a house, take Yue Yue home, she planned for more than ten years, people Zheng Juan also helped her raise her daughter for more than ten years;The results of the New Year home, Feng Huarong with Nan and Yue Yue play together, nan bought a small pistol, to buy yue Yue is “precious” small clay, has been zheng Juan yue Yue than his own son better, Feng Huarong also know, but he was not willing to give Nan candy;This is just a small matter, event bingkun also can not count on this sister.Zhou Rong points to two rooms a hall, light living room TV is 18 inches, in that era to be worth 2500 yuan, she is not bad money, but still ignore bingkun situation;Zhou’s old house a total of two rooms, in the TV series Zhou Zhigang is in the villa because of idle to go to employment, but in the original because moved back to the old house can not live, Zhou Zhigang had to move out;At this time Zhou Bingyi is vice mayor, Zhou Rong is an associate professor, associate professor are divided into the house, why do you zhou Bingyi so clean do not house?Even if you share a room and take your parents out to live in it, you have done your filial duty for the son of man. With your status today, can’t zhou Zhigang sit equally with his retired mother-in-law?Zhou Bingyi in the original work is also afraid to give someone a handle, so treat their relatives is so cool thin!”The world” the biggest TV adaptation is to let Zhou Fu Zhou mother died together, zhou mother not only loathe to give up Zhou Fu, or do not miss their children, actually holding Zhou Zhigang’s hand, alive frozen to death himself;This makes xiaobian think of Xiao Guoqing’s father, less than last resort, used to poor days of zhou mother, when the children are successful, why can’t enjoy a little material wealth, there is no greed to go?Although the adaptation of this scene is very touching, but to think about it is chilling, for zhou Fu Zhou mother is not worth it!In the original work, Zhou Rong was divided into a house, or zhou mother picked up the past to live, then Zhou mother walking in the beautiful scenery of the university campus, feeling that he had survived the most difficult days, the living environment has become so good;Don’t want to go back to the zhou home, is bingkun’s home!Finally, when it comes to housing, many people ask, The Zhou family should not be short of money at that time, why not go out to rent an apartment?At that time, there was almost no commercial housing sale in the 1990s. It was not until the housing reform began in 1996 that commercial housing really appeared. Before that, houses were basically distributed by units.In the past, several members of a family often lived in one or two small houses. Otherwise, how could zhang Damin have built a house around the trees in the courtyard?Original work ending, Zhou Bingyi has been to diagnose gastric cancer just in dongmei’s strong request to follow the city to originally belong to their own house: that small building is in those days for the senior city leadership build, according to the “old man old method” standard, the house three rooms two hall, balcony is very big!As the elder brother of Zhou Bingyi, after marriage finally in the New Year 30 son, in his own new spacious home received sister, brother-in-law and brother a family of three, which let him have a feeling of accomplishment!Unfortunately, Zhou Fu Zhou mother can not see any more!

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