“Yunfan sixth anniversary special” Wu Changling: overtaking to yunfan in a corner

February 8, 2022 is the sixth birthday of yunfan Poetry Club’s new media platform.Since the establishment of the platform for six years, Yunfan always adhere to the temperature and height, adhere to temperament and character, adhere to stand together with a group of poetic friends through thick and thin.Here, poets at home and abroad write contemporary, record life, pick up the four seasons streamers, leaving true feelings like this.Here is the spiritual home of poets, poetry booth, friendship bridge, unique ferryboat, gas station and school. In the past six years, too many poetry lovers have come here to enter the house, and too many poets have gone to the country and gained fame from here.Here, there are too many stories enough to be engraved into the annals of contemporary poetry, too many beautiful enough to be remembered for a lifetime, too many moving words waiting for us to resort to ink.In full in this new platform introduced the sixth anniversary celebration of special planning section – “the thin, I walked with full days, full warmly welcome all friends picked up in the hands of the pen, from different angles, different horizons, counting predestination, you in full and share your acquainted with his friends extensively in full through the platform,Full review why in many poems platform you choose to record your eyes in full the pace of growth, is also in full growth traces, looking for you oneself once the shadow, in words summary you these six years of growth and harvest, more please hoist the platform for the future of the promotions shift and sustainable development, and leave valuable opinions or Suggestions.2022, we continue to go hand in hand to mark the New Year with poetry!Wu Changling, male, born in 1953, senior engineer.He is the deputy secretary general of the Criticism Committee of The Chinese Poetry Association, standing director of chongqing Poetry Association, member of the city writers Association and calligrapher association.President of Tongnan Poetry Couplet Association.His poetry works have been published in chongqing Poetry, Chongqing Writer’s Vision, Sichuan Sunset News, Poetry journal and other provincial and municipal publications.Overtaking on corners is a very fashionable phrase nowadays.This is a traffic violation, but it is widely used to refer to the path of life, economic development, social governance, and the government’s efforts to transcend conventional thinking and achieve rapid breakthroughs.This is what people often call an “inflection point.”It was through these inflection points that I opened the gate of yunfan, the kingdom of poetry.As early as when the book shortage of educated youth, the initiation of poetry interest.Relying on the incomplete traditional three Kingdoms, I am fond of those poems which are put at the beginning and end of chapters or inserted in the “burden” to set out the gist and make the finishing point.For example, at the beginning of the first linjiang fairy, then can casually back.Later, I taught Chinese in primary and secondary schools. The students had to recite hundreds of ancient poems, and the teachers naturally memorized them in their chest.But it was a chance encounter four years ago that I really learned to write metrical poems.I had published a number of short stories, in the district writers association in charge of novel creation.During a visit to the west of Sichuan province, he hastily produced several pieces of the so-called Seven Rules.One of them, “Climbing Jianmen Mountain” : The world says that the shu road is difficult and saga is as rough as jianmen pass.Ancient wood vast shadow night moon, Rock Cui wei dome day.Ladder a line of harrier panic, hanging wall wan ren bitter 猱 ape.Who remembers the hardships of xianghou’s campaign?Report to Tai ‘an before the prime minister.After also prefixed seven law to take to publish.It was a long time before I realized that it was a limerick and made an own mistake.In fact, according to the ancient and modern celebrity gourd ladle, like this as long as the same words in law to never stop me a crown.When preparing for the establishment of the poetry Society in the district, a poet friend thought I was a “malleable person” and chose me, who did not know what level and oblique were, as the president.Mr. Ling Zexin, consultant of China Poetry Association and Yunfan, is a famous poet.At the beginning of last year, Mr. Shi ci was published as the first special edition of the revised Poetry Magazine, which was highly praised by poets and critics.As the president of Chongqing Poetry Society, Mr. Wang often shares the stage of poetry discussion and interaction with some domestic masters and masters of poetry.Four years ago, I had the honor to become his student. In addition to studying his rhythmic poetry handouts carefully, mastering his rhythmic poetry skills as soon as possible and accepting his character and academic cultivation, I also had many opportunities to get close to these masters.As a student poet, many people may not have such an opportunity all their life.I am very lucky and cherish such an opportunity to ask you face to face for many times, listen to clear up doubts and give advice.These information from the top of the Chinese poetry circle, the most cutting-edge, the most contemporary insights, that is impossible to obtain from books.Cao Chuyang, head of yunfan, knew him at that time.My first impression of Chu Yang was that he was wise, modest, reserved and well-bred.His low profile makes it impossible for people to believe that he is the leader of yunfan wechat public platform, a large poetry platform that brings together famous poets, theorists, media people, as well as new generation poets with ideas and strength.Later I learned that Chu Yang himself was an excellent and accomplished young poet.Mr. Chu Yang and I share similar life experiences despite the age gap.Business before poetry, or business while poetry.As a hardcore member of Yunfan, IN addition to actively creating contributions, I also pay close attention to the development of Yunfan.Thanks to yunfan, he has released 6 personal albums and more than 200 works in the past two years.Xin Chou golden autumn, I had the honor to participate in yunfan’s first famous lushan poetry.Three famous poets were invited to give lectures.Mr. Yang Yiming made an in-depth analysis and interpretation of the creation and appreciation of contemporary poetry works, Mr. Xiong Dongao gave an interesting lecture on the Poetry League, and Mr. Xing Han also gave a rambling lecture on poetry.The three instructors, with their rich experience and profound education, drew on the classics, made the lecture hall lively with warm interaction, which made us benefit a lot and impressed us deeply.Mr. Chu Yang, Xuefen women’s history of the yunfan team, the poem will be arranged in a relaxed degree, compact but not forced.Among the mountains, lincliff view clouds, into the cave to find you, climb to fu, leaning on the railing lane appearance, have a sense of pleasure.In the lecture hall, listen to the master, understand the true meaning of poetry, relieved in the clouds, enlightened in clairairus.Under the pine moon, open yintan wine, poyang silverfish on Lushan mountain, no depth, no shallow, to the wine party friends, get to know the changbai foothills, paradise Suzhou and Hangzhou, border yunnan, hospitable Shandong poetry circle elegant people.In the villa, sitting around a pot and enjoying some wine, we talked about the creation characteristics, exploration and expansion of contemporary female themes.On the trend, confusion, breakthrough and innovation of contemporary poetry;How to break out of the circle of poets, to avoid self-admiration, to spurn the public, to pursue the minority, to entertain themselves, to break away from the function and category of literature, to violate the literary attributes and socialist literary values, etc.Especially reviewing the history of yunfan, centering on the development of Yunfan, this paper discusses how to strengthen the communication of authors and works.How to let the exchange activities out of Lushan, to the whole country and so on.The participating poets spoke highly of the pen fair, which was featured and effective.A few days trip to Lushan, I wrote more than 20 urgent poems, yunfan also issued an album for us.Approached yunfan, by the teacher guidance, the palm to accept.The rest is to “read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles”.I want to know the true face of the mountain, but I am in it.This is lushan pen club humble work law must number first: send a dream lushan as a poem to the distance, thousands of miles soak up the early sun.Ran ran who knows, a reed sail.View “Lushan Love” that year old recall he Liao, years of dream has not disappeared.I now wipe old tears, but also for the shadow in jiao.On the top of Lushan Mountain, a ladder climbs nine songs.More than a hundred floors, not poor thousands of miles of sight.Lushan pine screen three autumn days, from the sky very close.Nuwa plant a pine, Amoy poyang stone.Such as qin Lake shuanggu Shuyu refers to a ridge style string.Afraid to disturb the fairy dream, dare not play today.Note: Double aunt refers to sister peak.Beautiful valley a wall standing empty, wearing two valley wind.I am not my own flesh and blood.Lushan Waterfall at pass has poor thousands of eyes, I hate not to see the waterfall.Look forward to a dry, for a long time also led three fold valley.Fairy cave jia Shan should be saint habitat, alone into the secluded half like a fan.Peerless Dan book on the wall, kui this hole can not be.Ploughshare tip fog ploughing cloud month and years, ploughshare unemployment unworthy of the day.The Poyang Sea turned out to be a tinder field.White Deer Academy to open a section to borrow articles, curling the sound of books in the hall.Tao a thousand bones decayed, now beginning to believe the number one wall.The statue of Zhou Dunyi, a modest gentleman, loves Wei-lian.Mu fen yiyi if this, Zhou Gongmakings is also a clear official.Note: Duke Zhou was once zhijun of Nankang (equivalent to today’s deputy provincial level), which can be said to be high in power.Lushan mountain red maple which holy fall in the sky, the wrong lantern hanging tree.Xu is do not know the mountain to make, spend smoke brocade fire full branch burning.Go to Lushan yunfan famous pen will have a wild home mountain north look evening cloud long, a dream fly heart over Yu Zhang.For zhuang poem huai ask three old, to open eyes borrow early Yang.People in the heart of the first wash, undeveloped near high wind from the cool.And thousands of dust outside the boundaries, xi Nu not tired of negative book bag.At the beginning of the sun jun recruit poetry friends and master drink with the four seas with chant and wine, leisure sentiment yi yun Tibetan.Good from a brighter summer pine month, to borrow the master’s advice.Asked how to close the water depth, climbing that long cloud road.Kuanglu since ancient times many poets, music also leisurely water side.Mei Lu miscellaneous yong Cui leaves deeply cover qu Qu, ban in the first terrible day shu.Every time Lin Tou see beauty smile, stream mouth still pity the old children.The Bible does not protect the poor.Ten years hard to predict river’s lake thing, endure to see enemy lying dead.Ye Lushan Museum, the highest meeting venue of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party three rivers yao Ming spit Kuanglu, century wind and summer capital.Quarrelling brothers were ashamed to invade and the universe fell into nothingness.After all, the song king, taishi will laugh alone.Morning bell songling moon, red Chamber Purple Palace for a moment.Second rhyme Mr. Xiong Dongao “Xunyang Poetry association and all the Yin friends about fu” dream Kuanglu on the bi, teachers difficult to pay someone invited.Yin and Yang pair of surging, fun and exciting tide.I do not regret the road edge machine, entangle the heart and worry about this side disappear.High altar will be scattered yu Yin, Qin Yun Tang Fengche Ya Shao.Second yun Mr. Yang Yiming “with xinghan brother jiujiang Suojiang building Xun Yang building Pipa Pavilion” should be in two public dengbi floor, but the crown charming barrier autumn mou.A hundred years of a king why, half of nothing I am worried.A brighter summer songfeng Yin don’t feast, Teng Wang Ge fog lock boat.This do not regret did not add micro, do not believe yu township to stay.

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