93-minute kill!0-2-3-2 Chinese women’s soccer super comeback win over South Korea’s Shui Qingxia

The final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup was held as scheduled on Feb 6, Beijing time, with China facing South Korea.The last time the two teams met was in a play-off in Tokyo, when China knocked out South Korea.Of course, the Performance of the Chinese women’s soccer team in Tokyo was not satisfactory.After the Olympic Games, the women’s football team leadership change, Jia Xiuquan left, women’s football team famous shui Qingxia took over the team.China has put in an impressive performance at the Women’s Asian Cup, winning both group games and coming back from 1-0 down to defeat Vietnam in the quarterfinals.In the semifinal against Japan, the no. 1 team in Asia, The Chinese women’s football team fully showed the spirit of the roses.In the penalty shootout, goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved two penalties, and Wang Shanshan led the Chinese women’s football team to complete a great comeback in one move.China’s opponents in the final, South Korea, defeated mighty Australia in the semifinals. South Korea has never won the Asian Cup in history, while China leads the way by winning eight of the past 19 tournaments.Compared with the semi-final, wang Shuang of sprain foot smoothly comeback, Chinese women’s football ushered in good news!It was only one minute into the game when China set up an effective shot inside the South Korean penalty area.The first 20 minutes of the game, The Chinese team has always occupied the field advantage, but, the 26th minute, the field unexpected situation, The South Korean team use counterattack, in the right side of the goal, flanking Cui Yu Li for the South Korean team to take the lead, The Chinese team temporarily 0-1 down.Three minutes later, South Korea had a well-placed free-kick up front and Zhu, who had saved two penalties in the semifinals, made another superb save from a dangerous shot.In first-half stoppage time, the referee called China’s Yao Jinwei for a passive handball, giving South Korea a penalty kick.Chi Xiaoran took the penalty, Zhu Yu’s judgment is very correct, the movement is also very stretch, fingertips have touched the ball, unfortunately, The Korean team or goal.After half time, China was 2-0 down.The 59th minute, Shuiqingxia replaced the injured wang Frost, put on zhang Linyan.The Chinese team occasionally got the opportunity to set the ball in front and hardly posed a threat.Just eight minutes after China’s substitution, substitute Zhang Linyan made a deliberate handball and the referee resolutely awarded a penalty.Tang stood in front of the penalty spot and, despite a long wait, her shot was sharp and decisive to level the score at 1-2 for China.Just five minutes after the first goal, China equalized.Tang Jiali’s side breakthrough such as star attached body, Zhang Linyan received Tang Jiali’s pass, head hammer, China 2-2.It has to be said that the substitution directed by Shui Qingxia paid the best dividends, as Zhang Linyan had already made a penalty and scored within 20 minutes of coming on as a substitute.And pushed back to the front line of Wang Shanshan, very well played the role of the fulcrum.In the 91st minute, Zhu Made a brilliant save to keep the goal clean.The 93rd minute, Wang Shanshan sends out wonderful assist, Xiao Yuyi kills!In the end, The Chinese women’s football team came back from 0-2 down to win 3-2. After 16 years, the Chinese women’s football team returned to the top of Asia and defeated South Korea 3-2 to win the championship.The players gathered together to celebrate crazily. Shui Qingxia rushed into the field and was thrown high by everyone!

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