An 8-year high!With Russian oil above $90, why is America scrambling to woo Iran

Russia about to make a big move?Since entering 2022, the international oil price has been soaring on the way.Aramco is also worried about oil prices.But who would have expected that Aramco, which had been trying to lower oil prices, pushed the price of Russian oil several notches higher by saying that Russia will make a big move by May 20.May: Oh, no.The price of Russian Urals crude oil surged to $92.38 / BBL in the Mediterranean region and $91.25 / BBL in northwest Europe, the highest in nearly eight years, according to data.What does that mean?Given the recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine, if the ruble continues to weaken against the dollar, Russia’s trade revenues could increase by $65bn at oil prices currently above $90.An oil price above $100 would boost Russia’s total trade revenues by nearly $73bn, bringing the country’s total foreign exchange revenues close to a 10-year peak.You know, high oil price is just like high blood pressure for May. Usually, if you are a little too high, you will feel confused.Russia’s soaring oil prices are a boost for international oil prices, but what is Aramco’s plan?Aramco even made overtures to Iran to keep prices down, staging a “reconciliation of the century”.It also lifted some sanctions against Iran.Will this ease international oil prices?From now, according to data released if you save may and Iran on the nuclear agreement of indirect negotiations to succeed in today, Iran could start openly sell oil, for the international oil prices that caused certain downward pressure, but Iran can exactly realize the export of 2.5 million barrels of daily, may is playing the strategy, it is still uncertain.Overall, the international oil price rising trend, or more than the decline.

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