Liu Siqi recalled MAO Anying: I am not only unfortunate, but also the happiest person

In the opening credits of the long-running TV series MAO Anying, the old man appears as a narrator.Standing silently in front of MAO anying’s statue, she reached out her hand and slowly stroked his cheek, as if he were standing in front of her as before, ready to take her hand in the next moment, but only the cypress gently surrounded her with the sadness of the years.The red-eyed octogenarian is MAO anying’s widow, Liu Siqi, who takes us back to that unforgettable experience.Liu Siqi was born in 1930. Her father, Liu Qianchu, and her mother, Zhang Wenqiu, were both comrades in MAO’s revolution.Liu qianchu had a friendly relationship with MAO Zedong. Upon hearing the news of Liu’s marriage to Zhang Wenqiu, MAO said, “If you give birth to a daughter, we will marry in the future.”But within a few years, Liu qianchu was arrested for betraying and ended his life in prison.A few years later, Zhang wenqiu took Liu Siqi to Yan ‘an, where Liu began studying.Liu Siqi is cheerful, naive and lively.Once, she played the leading role in the play The Foundling.In the scene where her parents are arrested by the enemy and the little girl calls for “mom” in the cold, Liu can’t help thinking of her own experience and her father, whom she has never seen since birth, and she throws herself into the role with real devotion.The audience of MAO Zedong was deeply touched by this scene, after the performance, he will Liu Siqi in his arms, that she is Liu Qian-chu’s daughter, seriously said, “this is the descendants of martyrs, we have the responsibility to educate them.”MAO Zedong regarded Liu Siqi as “dry daughter” and taught her carefully.In his later years, Liu siqi recalled that he was happy because he was able to enter MAO’s family.Liu Siqi and MAO Anying met in 1946, when MAO Anying just returned from studying abroad.Liu Siqi looked at this tall young man, he modest, simple, the body without a little shelf, she was deeply attracted by this heroic full brother.Before long, MAO Anying asked Liu Siqi out, and the two chatted awkwardly, because they were not familiar with each other, they could only constantly find topics, and sometimes there was only silence between them.But Liu Siqi recalled this section of “awkward” experience, face unconsciously emerge a smile, feeling that it is really a good years.Liu siqi and MAO Anying But when MAO Anying bare his feelings to Liu Siqi, Liu Siqi gently shook her head.”The gap between us is too big, you are a foreign student, eating foreign bread, and I have been in prison since I was a child, the book is also just read, what can we have in common?”Hearing Liu’s confession, MAO Anying eagerly explained, “Your father was killed by the enemy, and so was my mother.You were raised in prison, and I was raised in prison;You have been living a hard life since childhood, and I have also been wandering since childhood. We are two bitter melons on the same vine.”This speech of MAO Anying moved Liu Siqi to suppress all the time heart, she decides to spread out a paragraph of brand-new life with MAO Anying together.Liu Siqi’s new Beginning When Liu Siqi formally entered MAO Zedong’s family, she fell in love with the warm and thoughtful atmosphere of the family.She often walked to her father’s house hand in hand with MAO Anying and had dinner with her father.At the dinner table, the family sat together to listen to the father talking, joking about the husband’s childhood, the food on the table is often so few, but the family still eat delicious.After dinner, her father buried himself in his office, and Liu siqi and her husband strolled to Zijin Pavilion to see a movie.Remember once they saw “The Adventures of Three Hair”, MAO Anying was very excited, for a long time can not get away from the plot of the film, he tightly held Liu Siqi’s hand, along the way to tell her about his childhood and shore green wandering life.Liu Siqi knew that six years of miserable wandering life deeply imprinted on MAO Anying’s heart, and her listening is the best understanding.Liu Siqi is happy, she and MAO Anying in the past life are good memories, even in ten years after MAO Anying left, she is still cared and love by MAO Zedong, she can become a member of MAO Zedong’s family and feel very happy and satisfied.On September 30, 1950, the night before the country was to celebrate the National Day, Liu Siqi was wheeled into the operating room with acute appendicitis.MAO only visited liu twice while she was in hospital.On the evening of Oct. 14, he rushed over to apologize for not being around much during this time and repeatedly told Liu: “No matter what happens, stick to your studies.He visits dad every week.Don’t worry if you don’t get mail. It may be inconvenient.Take good care of An Qing.”Late at night, he left.Liu Siqi looked at him gradually away of the figure, think of just he reluctantly looked at his eyes and respectively before the deep bent bow, a few times look back to oneself, but finally did not say what left, he never looked back.Liu Siqi how also did not expect, this last glance, was a farewell.MAO never mentioned to Liu siqi that he was going to the Korean war, and he left their home without saying goodbye, leaving the land he knew so well just 40 days later.After MAO Anying left, Liu Siqi only received a letter home, she did not expect that this ordinary letter home has become his suicide note.A month passed and Liu siqi had not heard from him.Two months, three months, four months…Liu siqi never heard from him again.Liu Siqi’s heart is like a balloon that blows gradually, her expectation and disappointment are mixed in small space, reach the end point that go up to break gradually, restore calm in be agitated, be in calm gradually fretful again.Liu Siqi until 1953, Liu Siqi could not wait any longer.She rushed into her father’s room and asked, “Dad, why haven’t you heard from An Ying for so long?”Looking at MAO zedong’s trembling hand and the pupil suddenly scattered by sadness, Liu Siqi understood. Her tears gushed out at the last moment like a dike. From a distance, she heard her father say: “An Ying has been sacrificed, and you will be my own daughter.”MAO Anying died, he fell on the last battlefield of his struggle, but the distance between them was too far.They waited for a quiet and peaceful life, everything is getting better, the war and smoke are retreating, but he has gone to the home of a martyr, in the flames ushered in the final peace of life.Liu siqi said she was unfortunate because she lost her beloved husband, but he is a hero of history, standing forever like a pine tree in the Hinokicang Volunteer martyrs Cemetery.In 2010, the year before, weak liu siqi accompanied by children and her husband to step on the ground of the buried with her husband, when he saw the destiny of the monument, her eyes moist again, miss to time can never wash away her lover, but she can only take one pile of grave soil, and the sacrifice for the pile soil like nirvana of the phoenix and grandeur of soul.

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