“No closing time for Spring Festival”

Kunming Xin Xi Hong Kong news reporter Yao Zhongheng recently, the reporter learned from the Yunnan Provincial Medical Security Bureau, in order to facilitate the people insured during the Spring Festival normal distance for medical treatment, Yunnan medical insurance remote work “Spring Festival does not close”, the Spring Festival can still be handled normally.According to the report, if you need to be hospitalized during the Spring Festival, you can submit an application through the “National Medical Insurance Service Platform” or the “Yunnan Province One Mobile phone service” mobile APP at any time, for yourself or others to handle the registration of trans-provincial medical treatment.Effective record information will take effect immediately.If only in outpatient medical treatment or pharmacy purchase drugs do not need to record.If you cannot swipe your card in case of medical settlement, you can call 4006702777 to report the problem in time.The reporter learned that all hospitals connected to the Internet can pay by card after selecting a certain region for the registration of long-term residents from other provinces or temporary medical workers.Whether the registered regions and designated hospitals can be connected to the network and directly settle accounts can be checked through the APP of the National Medical insurance service platform or the “Government Affairs Service” column of the official website of Yunnan Provincial Medical Security Bureau.Go out before go to a doctor, can choose the medicine orgnaization that protects ground in ginseng to try swipe card, ensure to start again after using card normally.In addition, the Yunnan Provincial Medical Security Bureau reminds citizens that after activating the “medical insurance electronic voucher”, they can enjoy the convenient service of “scanning code settlement” in online settlement hospitals that have opened electronic payment.Like when go to a doctor if the hospital fees window prompts “(province) (city) did not respond to service”, which means that the region’s network or a problem with my service, can log on to “the national health service platform”, query whether issued a “stop notice”, the region around the special period of time will provide convenient service, to ensure normal enjoy treatment of long-distance medical treatment charge health care across the province.

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