Parking can not allow you to “capricious” Ganzhou public security traffic police continue to carry out illegal parking investigation……

The traffic police won’t come out on such a cold day, will they?The traffic police will certainly not come out on weekends to investigate traffic violations….If you think that you can’t be found, you’re wrong!After entering the spring, with the back-to-school production order in order to restore life, such as districts were gradually increased, to effectively regulate jurisdictions traffic order, strictly management “fail to stop blocking, violations stop disorderly, breach stop to risks” and other illegal, zhangye ganzhou police traffic police brigade will be within the scope of jurisdiction sustained vehicles special operation breach stop regulation,We will make every effort to create a safer and orderly road traffic environment.During the news period, the brigade continued to maintain police input, with “persuasion and education, publicity and warning, forced drag away, punishment according to law” and other measures, continuous heavy blows, fierce medicine, “thin” and “management” combination, for the governance of traffic stubborn stubborn disease hit a number of sets of “combination of boxing”, to further promote traffic management work.Police on duty carry out traffic regulation in key road sections and areas under their jurisdiction by combining fixed duty and mobile inspection.If the driver can show up in time, and take the initiative to correct the illegal behavior, take the way of persuasion education, let the driver drive away from the scene and park the car in the designated place;If the driver is not at the scene, he will take photos of the illegal vehicle and obtain evidence, and issue a notice of traffic violation in accordance with the law;To seriously affect the traffic order illegally parked vehicles to take trailer disposal.NEWS civilization parking, convenient with people convenient not to others, not to urban civilization, this is not only a legal requirement is the embodiment of personal quality!Please the majority of drivers consciously strengthen road traffic safety awareness, put an end to illegal parking behavior!Source: Ganzhou Public Security traffic police

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