Three years after “The World”, zhou’s children will be 40 or 50 years old, four years later, he has not grown up

The recent CCTV drama The World is in full swing.The scriptwriter is liang Xiaosheng, a famous writer.Liang xiaosheng’s fame is so impressive that many TV series adapted from his novels have become popular.Such as “There’s a Storm Tonight”, “Syracuse”, “Ring” and so on.The director of the world Li Lu is also very famous director, has directed “in the name of the people”, “take 88 car home”, “the happiness of the boss” and other popular films and TV plays.With such a good script and a famous director, it’s not surprising that the play is a hit.And in this play, there is no lack of real old drama bone join, as well as real famous male and female stars, this play is looking forward to a long time is also worth it.Although this play is commendable, the atmosphere of the northeast is full, it is almost true to restore the life of the northeast city, which makes people sigh with emotion in the past years, as well as sincere feelings between people, many plots are moving.Such as family affection, friendship and love.Zhou Zhigang and Li Suhua’s feelings for their three children;Zhou Bingkun and five partners of the elder brothers loyalty;The three Zhou siblings’ respective attitudes towards love.These are all very memorable.However, there are also unsatisfactory parts in the play, which is also the reason for many people to make fun of it.The first episode of young Zhou Bingyi began in 1969. The two sons of the Zhou family were chatting together, and the eldest brother Zhou Bingyi put a box of books to the little brother Zhou Bingkun.Because he was going to join the Heilongjiang Construction Corps, he would be away for two or three years.Zhou Zhigang also want to go to the south to work, a walk also want three years five years.So Mr. Zhou took five family photos, one for each person.Take it out when you miss your loved ones.Joe mother to zhou, mobilize his children to go to the countryside, everyone to Zhou Bingkun, the whole family sent away Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Zhigang, Zhou Rong stole away.Zhou Bingkun Zhou Rong is the pursuit of their own love, looking for Feng Huacheng went to Guizhou.Only youngest son Zhou Bingkun and mother Li Suhua were left.Three years later, in 1972, the Chows were all grown up. The teenagers Choo Bingkun and Choo Rong suddenly aged a lot, because they changed actors.To be honest, Lui Ka Yin, who plays Chow Bingkun, is a stranger to him and not good looking.The only thing he has in common with the characters is that he and Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong are middle-aged.Three years later Zhou Bingyi Zhou Bingyi actor is Xin Baiqing, he once starred with Sun Li, Deng Chao and Yin Tao “Happiness like flowers”, said, born in 1973 Xin Baiqing this year is 50 years old, even last year has been 49 years old, even if the actors keep young again, also can not cover the sense of harmony.Song Jia, who played Zhou Rong, was born in 1980 and is now 43 years old, while Lei Jiayin, born in 1983, is 40 years old.These people in their forties and fifties played the leading roles. At that time, many people made fun of them. They all felt that the young actors three years ago had not seen enough of them and immediately became middle-aged men.Stout Zhou Rong in order to cooperate with these a few middle-aged actors, other actors are also all middle-aged.Huang Xiaolei, Yu Zhen, Shen Xiaohai…Age is not small, but also to pretend to be young, deduce the state of young people.Want to say young, wear Yin Tao, Yin Tao was born in 1979, this year also has 44 years old, but the somebody else that figure, skin maintenance is very good, water lingling.Although I am too old, I have no feeling about playing the role of daughter-in-law.Although Zhou bingkun is four years younger than her, he feels ten years older than her.Three years later a few people as if through time and space, all of a sudden old thirty years of long.Especially the eldest brother Zhou Bingyi, five big three thick pulling girlfriend Hao Dongmei’s hand to date, always feel like abducting other people’s little girl’s bad uncle.I have the urge to call the police.Zheng Guangming Zhou Rong in the mountains although not to eat, not to drink, but the skin is white, not affected, but the eye socket deep-set, slightly canthus lines, tall and many.While the harrowing protagonists may have grown up in an instant, there is only one who hasn’t grown up in four years.That is Zheng Guangming.Say this zheng guangming, also is really a poor child.He and Zheng Juan are abandoned babies adopted by zheng Xiu old people.Therefore, both he and Zheng Juan share the same surname with the old man and are called mother and child.Zhou Bingkun met Zheng Guangming zheng mother has no ability, can only sell popsicles, sell sugar gourd for a living.Zheng Juan’s fate is pitiful and pitiable.And Zheng Guangming is moving, young age blindness.Han Haolin, the 13-year-old actor who plays Zheng Guangming, was born in 2009.It is hard to imagine 13-year-old Han Haolin and a group of leading actors in their 40s playing siblings.More magical is, Zheng Guangming experienced four years after the appearance did not change, the head is not seen.Zheng Juan’s son Nannan for three small actors, Zheng Guangming is still so big.Zheng Juan’s son Nannan Zhou Bingkun in 1972 because of tu Zhiqiang contact Zheng Juan, he looked for Zheng Juan, met the first person is Zheng Guangming.Later learned that the child is Zheng Juan’s younger brother.The blind brother in the flow.With the development of the plot, Zhou Bingkun is trusted by Zheng Guangming, Zheng Guangming is very enthusiastic about Zhou Bingkun, year after year, three years later, that is, in 1975, Juan’s son has been more than two years old, can run all over the ground.But Zheng Guangming is not.Perhaps Han Haolin’s acting is too good, won over the director, so let him continue to play.Besides, the audience pays attention to the stories of several leading actors. Who has time to think about him?Zheng Juan even according to the age of actors, Zheng Guangming is eleven, two years old children!Three years passed, also should have fifteen or sixteen years old, but Zheng Guangming did not change, everyone forgot that he should also grow up.Soon, after another year, 1976 began, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan still contact, Zheng Guangming saw him with relatives, a head of zhou Bingkun’s arms.Look at this height difference, zheng Guangming 16 or 17 years old is already a young man.How should the head and Zhou Bingkun are almost the same.Results Zheng Guangming four years as one day, still so small.Zheng Juan’s son Nannan have long long face in shock feeling, but not Zheng Guangming grew up.Is he suffering from dwarfism?Four years later to see Zhou Bingkun’s Zheng Guangming in short, Zheng Guangming is such a magical existence, as tianshan Tong Mu magical.It is not strange that he said he had a good root, so he wanted to become a monk.Although the audience understand that Zheng Guangming this is afraid of dragging his sister, do not want to be disliked, but Zheng Guangming is not good is difficult to accept.At least longer!After four years, even if the nutrition is not up to speed, it will not be long at all!Look at the old Zhou family, the three children, in three years can grow into middle age, and look at the Zheng family zheng Guangming, four years grow up.This is really the difference between heaven and earth, Zhou Bingkun every month to send them 30 yuan, these money plus the sisters usually make a lot of paper boxes, can live very well, not broken tile cold kiln miserable.Zheng Guangming but have to say, Han Haolin’s acting really to crush a lot of flow stars, plus those big eyes, ice ballon hanging on the face.This is probably the reason why the director is not willing to change actors!But 16-17 – year – old Zheng Guangming should also have the corresponding state!It would have been really awkward.Just 12 episodes into the series, the Three Chows are already in their 40s and 50s.Zheng Guangming four years do not grow, if there is a root is not the same.

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