A selfish person

Selfishness comes from communication between people you are selfish, the other party will see selfish, the more selfish the more far away, between relatives and friends will not be friends, because their hearts have been inseparable knots, and estrangement, estrangement let people more and more far away.The same is true between husband and wife, more and more strange, strange do not know each other, all this may be caused by two words, there is no communication, can not communicate, each think each, each say each, no one want to take a step back, if so, friends can do?I hate my husband very much recently, because he never knows enough with me, I used to shout at him and scold him for not knowing enough with me.One day this year, I found his mind occasionally. I found that he seemed sometimes to do something for the family, and he was not happy.I don’t know what she thinks of me, but he gives me the feeling that he has a selfish heart, so after I found and felt, I also became selfish, I will not wash his clothes, I think you are not happy to work for the family, so I do not need to wash your clothes.Also, I was sick once, I said several times he didn’t say anything, one morning after I got up, I said I was going to see a doctor today, he also asked me a question: what is the disease?Oh dear!You listen to him, let people listen to the heart is very uncomfortable taste.In this way, I gradually accumulated my views on him, and in life, I paid attention to the dribs and drabs of his work. From the dribs and drabs, I found that he was actually very selfish, and I did not know him or pay attention to him before.In the past year, I have quarreled with him, but not as before. I don’t love to talk to him anymore. He doesn’t want to communicate with me, so I rarely talk to him.Sometimes I hate him, but I know what the problem is, you know?But I just don’t want to talk about it, and I don’t like to talk about it anymore, and I’m more selfish. I think he’s selfish, and I’m selfish.This article oneself culture is not high, I from I and husband’s contradiction and hair to write, this only all my views and feelings, read don’t laugh have read don’t understand a lot of advice, friends do you understand what I write?People need to communicate, refuse to communicate, can not get along.Communication requires understanding, without understanding, without give-and-take, you can’t get along interpersonal relationships come from communication and communication skills

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