Chairman’s husband was conspired to forcibly sent to mental hospital, the wife staged life-and-death rescue

Speaking of Wang Min, everyone knows the big shot of the leather industry.He is the “leather king” of Wenzhou. The Far East Group founded by him was once an industry giant with annual import and export volume of 1.2 billion yuan.However, this successful entrepreneur, when he returned to his hometown to prepare for the board meeting, was kidnapped by his biological parents and siblings and sent to a mental hospital.The kidnapping began in March 2007.This day, far in Guangzhou wang Min according to the plan, by plane back to his hometown Wenzhou.After landing, Wang min drove directly to her office.On the way to the company, received a phone call from his mother, let him go home first.Wang Min’s parents’ home was already a bit unfamiliar to her.He has rarely been back since last year, when a lawsuit was filed against his parents and siblings.But it was still my parents’ home, and I hadn’t been back for a long time.Without thinking, Wang Min turned the car around and sped towards her parents’ house.However, when he stepped into the door, he was not greeted by his parents’ smiling faces, warm greetings and steaming food, but by five big men with thick shoulders and ropes in their hands.Wang Min never saw this coming.Just when I was in the yard, as soon as I stepped out of the car door, my eldest brother, Wang Wei, drove away without even saying hello.His heart is still suspicious, the eldest brother is not a car, say their luggage is still in the car.When his nephew took out the rope and surrounded himself with four other men, Wang Min realized he had fallen into a trap his parents had designed for him.He rushed down the stairs immediately, and as he passed the kitchen, he tried to get something to protect himself, but there was nothing there.The five men immediately surrounded Wang min, tied her up with ropes and threw her into a commercial van that had been parked outside and drove to a hospital in Wenzhou.In the car, five men held Wang Min down so tightly that he could not move.It was premeditated.In the hospital, Wang Min saw her parents and her eldest brother Wang Wei who had been waiting for a long time.They had already dealt with mental illness hospitalization procedures for Wang Min.What is the parents inclinations of Wang Min, do not want to send normal son as mental patient compulsion into mental hospital?The root of all problems is a struggle for money and power.In 1966, Wang Min was born in a well-educated family in Wenzhou. Her father was a school principal and her mother was a teacher.He was the third child in his family, with elder siblings and two younger brothers.After graduating from junior high school, Wang entered the local radio and television station engaged in photography.In the job, he often meets a few self-employed, small boss to invite him to film the propaganda film of the enterprise, product advertisement, wedding celebration video.He was aware of the business opportunities inside the brain sensitive, simply suspended pay to stay at sea, borrowed money to buy three cameras, two processors, do advertising company, mainly engaged in photography business.Since modern times, wenzhou people have been known as “Oriental Jews”.Wenzhou people in business, decisive, unite to warm, with the mountains open, meet the water to build a bridge business thinking;They also have the drive to sleep on the floor and be the boss.At that time, photography was a new industry, and few people could afford a video camera. Wang min’s business was very good, and her profit could reach two to three hundred thousand yuan a year.But these money, Wang Min did not keep, but to his father custody.It was a family, he thought, and he kept it in his father’s hands until he needed it.But this money, Wang Min has not been able to use.Later, his eldest brother Wang Wei got married, and his father bought him a house with the money. It took a lot of money to prepare for the wedding.Arrived 1994, Wang Min saw wenzhou shoe industry advance by leaps and bounds, scented inside huge business opportunity.He immediately decided to enter the upstream of the shoe industry: the leather industry.When he mentioned to his father that he wanted to invest the money, he found that the money had already gone.His father had no intention of supporting him. He advised him to do a good job in photography business and not to go into the “muddy waters” of other industries.This was the first disagreement between Wang Min and her father.But Wang Min did not want to miss this “tuyere”, he gave the advertising company to his father, the money earned in front was also as a “contract”.After that, my father stayed out of his business.Wang Min does have a talent for business. Her vision is sharp and her ability to allocate resources is outstanding.Without money, he managed to get loans from the credit union.When there was no professional talent available, he offered shares to recruit talent.In wang Min’s a while of tampering, far East tannery opened, and quickly embarked on the fast lane.But the far East leather, founded by Wang Min, was congenital from the beginning.When the business expands wantonly, the manpower is insufficient, Wang Min pulled the elder sister, elder brother, parents, younger brother successively.It was a typical family business, with Wang Min as the chairman, her elder sister in charge of finance, her parents in charge of logistics, and her younger brother in charge of production.Family business has a great disadvantage, mixed with the elements of kinship, management can not be free.The intermingled interests are hard to discern.More deadly is, the far east leather company that Wang Min creates, also accomplish unification to receive unification hard on finance.The company’s working capital was scattered among dozens of bank cards held by family members.At the end of the year, Wang min wanted to take inventory of all the company’s retained funds.According to the book statistics, there should be hundreds of millions of funds on the account, but when taking inventory, the brothers and sisters took out only eleven bank cards, a total of only a few million yuan on the card.While working in Guangzhou, Wang Min got to know many big companies, even international ones. Their standardized management left a good impression on Wang Min.He decided to bring in professional managers to regulate the management chaos in his company.Wang Min has successively recruited vice president, sales director and production director.However, the managers who were parachuted in struggled in the company. No one obeyed their management, and their various management systems and production processes became a dead letter.Inside the company, each family member has his own land.Outsiders can’t get in the way.Several external managers have hung up their posts soon after they arrived.As time went on, the company became more and more out of Wang Min’s control.There are many important things, no one reported to Wang Min.Wang Min has no control over major matters such as personnel appointment and dismissal, fund transfer and raw material procurement.At this time, Wang Min sensed the risk.In 2006, Wang Min commissioned a lawyer to verify the far East assets, and suddenly found that his 50 million shares were changed to his brother Wang Huai without anyone noticing.He further investigation, found that his second generation id was also falsely claimed by his brother.Before this, Wang Min has never done the second generation id card.After discovering the problem, Wang Min immediately reported to wenzhou economic Investigation detachment, reported his elder sister, two younger brothers are suspected of duty encroachment.Perhaps feel the risk, after a few days, several relatives take the initiative to find Wang Min to admit mistakes.His younger brother, Wang Huai, also wrote an explanation of a Major Mistake, which said: “Wang Min has always been the founder of Far East.—— everything can be adjusted, the only thing that can’t be adjusted is our brotherly love —— “Facing brotherly love, Wang Min chose to forgive and withdrew the report.But he insisted on clarifying his stake and asked several of his relatives to leave far East, the company he founded.It is this request that wang min’s family cannot accept.So, all relatives join hands, using Wang Min back to open the opportunity of the board meeting, he was sent to the mental hospital.They claimed she suffered from moderate depression.Then, Wang Min’s parents issued a statement, above mentioned like this: “In March 2007, Wang Min suffered another seizure, mental collapse, loss of reason threatened to kill his brother to set fire to the factory —— out of love Wang Min, prevent bloodshed, so take this paternalistic solution.”However, the doctor did not give a corresponding diagnosis on the hospital’s medical record, confirming that he had not seen any mental symptoms at present.Besides, Wang Min’s wife in Guangzhou knew nothing about it.Perhaps the thinking behind this was that if Wang Min was mentally ill, he would lose control of the Far East and would no longer be able to report to the police.The family can legitimately control the Far East, ownership change has become a recognized fact wang Min.If you were locked up in a mental hospital, how do you prove you’re not ill?The answer is it’s hard. No one sees you as normal in there.After wang Min was taken to hospital, she was given an injection to calm her down.When he opened his eyes, there were two other people in the room: his mother and the nurse.In addition, there were two of the men who had tied him up on the couch in the ward;Outside the lodge stood two wardens.What Wang Min did not know was that there were guards outside the hospital arranged by her nephew.He was closely watched.Even if give him a pair of wings, can not fly out.He pretended to be calm and said nothing, and the doctor told him to take his medicine and give his shots.He knew that the doctor was his only breakthrough, to obtain the trust of the doctor.One night when they relaxed their guard a little, wang Min took the opportunity of their sleeping soundly and crept out of the hospital without shoes and came to the door of the hospital floor.He pushed the closed door and found it locked.He did not dare to wake the sleeping nurse, so he quietly returned to the ward.He tried to open the window but found it ajar too.Unable to fly, Wang Min had no choice but to go to bed and pretend to sleep.Our only chance of getting out of here is to contact help outside as soon as possible.The only person who could provide support was his wife.Wang Min lay on the bed, thinking of how to escape.The next morning the doctor made his usual rounds.Wang Min saw the doctor and calmly said, “You may not believe what I say, but you are the only one I can trust.I was kidnapped and brought here, and if anything goes wrong, it’s on you, it’s on you.Now, even my wife doesn’t know I’m here.My wife is my first guardian even if I am ill.I demand a cell phone so I can talk to my wife.”The doctor is also skeptical, the present Wang Min does not seem to have mental illness, his wife did not appear in the hospital.The doctor looked at Wang Min, then at Wang Min’s mother, said to let himself think about it, and went out.Half an hour later, the doctor came back.He promised wang min that he could borrow his mobile phone to call his wife, but asked wang Min’s mother to do it.Wang Min firmly disagreed, he insisted on his own to make the call.At Wang Min’s strong request, the doctor agreed to let Wang Min talk to his wife in the presence of both of them.This just let Wang Min’s wife learned that her husband was locked up in a mental hospital news.The wife who gets the news is very anxious, she never thought of Wang Min’s relatives so determined, put a healthy normal relatives in the hospital with the reason of mental illness.But instead of acting rashly, he composed himself and plotted how he could get her husband out.In the afternoon, Wang min’s wife flew back to Wenzhou from Guangzhou to inform relatives and friends of Wang Min’s news. She also called the management of Far East to inform the news of the kidnapping of the chairman of the board, and then called the lawyer to contact local media reporters and police.In the hospital, Wang Min’s wife launched negotiations with the hospital.It’s impossible to go it alone.You might even get locked up yourself.Wang Min’s wife was prepared.The negotiations were difficult and continued through the morning and into the evening.Hearing the wind, Wang Min’s parents and brothers surrounded wang Min’s wife, trying to exert pressure.Wang Min’s wife argued hard and showed a strong posture, and the lawyer also gave strong support from the legal point of view.Eventually, after Wang’s wife signed a bond, the hospital agreed to release her.Surrounded by protection, Wang Min walked down from the hospital upstairs and got into a car arranged by his wife.Before getting on the bus, some people tried to break up the protection crowd and rob Wang Min.After Wang Min gets on the car, the vehicle that follows behind all the time follows, still try in vain to stop wang Min to take the vehicle.Without stopping, Wang Min went straight to the airport from the hospital.Arriving at the airport, the following vehicles disappeared into the night.Wang Min flew to Guangzhou overnight.Since then, far Eastern’s stake has been embroiled in a protracted dispute.In the conflict, no one cares about the operation of the company any more, they are concerned about the interests of each other.In the dispute, far East leather group soon into the predicament, it is difficult to reproduce the former glory.This is a family of wang’s parents and brothers, on this sentiment broken justice absolutely.The parties go back and forth, accusing each other of wrongdoing.This “rich family enmity”, also entered rashengmen’s situation.As an ancient saying goes, brothers fight tigers and fathers fight in battle.It’s about being united and fighting together.One chopstick can not pick up the food, two chopsticks can be handy.Similarly, The Far East Group, founded by Ms Wang, offers a lesson in family business.Brothers should make an account.No matter how good a relationship is, it is vulnerable to huge interests.Family business, or in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprises, on the standard management, to avoid the trouble of kinship.

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