The New Year, from Lu Xun’s loneliness, looking for a way out of life

For the lonely: gregarious, but in another way to continue to be lonely.The New Year begins with Lu Xun’s loneliness.This year’s Spring Festival is a little different from the past, with fewer fireworks and fewer companions who should have gone home but chose to celebrate the festival on the spot.In the streets of the city, no longer dressed up as before, sparse vehicles shuttle in the city’s spacious roads.The same is true in rural homes, where there are fewer festive goods and less fireworks in the air.New Year new atmosphere.At the start of a New Year, it’s supposed to start with a more lively approach or text.But I think, blessing is always good, it can bring people a bit of pleasure and spirit of some excitement.However, life is not to be lived on chicken soup or warm words.On the life proposition of life and survival, we need to think more.Because there is thinking, because have to think.As a result, we must face the reality of “loneliness”.We face loneliness, not for loneliness’s sake.In that case, did not become “the young do not know the taste of sorrow, to fu new words strong sorrow”.The original intention of facing loneliness is to think, to get out of the closed loop of loneliness, even from one kind of loneliness, into another kind of loneliness.The title of the article was Lu Xun’s Loneliness.Before the topic of this article, I had a chat with some younger generation. They raised a question that struck me as novel. They said: Lu Xun’s family was so rich, could he still be lonely?It’s an interesting question.For a moment, I couldn’t answer.I can only say: loneliness is a spiritual existence independent of matter.Yes, with the “hardware” of money, it may be able to reduce a lot of unnecessary loneliness, but it does not mean that loneliness can be eliminated.Some people are born to be alone.This loneliness is like the original sin of “Oedipus The King”, which is innate and programmed by fate.They are destined to be rare, doomed to appear incompatible, not that they are “alienated from the crowd”, but that their personality and different personality “drive” they can not compromise with the secular world.Especially in an age of chaos, they have to keep their pride, in order to preserve the last bit of dignity as “human”.This kind of people do not fit in at all, they live in loneliness all their life, even if they walk in the flower red wine green downtown, even if they sit in the crowd of grand carnival, the complicated and complicated outside the heart has nothing to do with themselves, but is to change a place, change a way to continue to lonely.Mr. Lu Xun is probably such a person.Lu Xun in “Autumn Night”, there is a sentence that seems very out of tune, this sentence is very famous, it says: in my back garden, you can see outside the wall of two trees, one is a jujube tree, and the other is also a jujube tree.Put aside the understanding of this sentence, we first understand the creation of this prose information.The essay, titled autumn Night, was written in 1924, when Lu Xun was 43 years old (born in 1881).Some say it is prose poetry, others understand it as prose.In short, no matter what kind of literary genre, there is nothing wrong with prose.Articles for the moment, poetry for the work.What does Lu Xun mean by “Autumn night”?In fact, it’s just two words: lonely.In 1924, imperialism and northern warlords enveloped the democratic revolution in northern China into an unprecedented trough.Lu Xun’s revolutionary ideal, or political ideal also unprecedentedly low.The decline is not political ambition at all, but more cultural.It has been five years since the May 4th Movement, and the new culture spawned by the May 4th Movement has begun to diverge.In the past, lu Xun was in a “trench” with his comrade-in-arms, some promoted and made a fortune, some retired to the rivers and lakes.Facing this situation, Lu Xun was very sad and lonely.Said good to fight together in the end, the results of some people go their separate ways, left to fight alone.People familiar with Lu Xun know that lu Xun’s literary achievements are very high.He was the first writer in Chinese history to write in vernacular Chinese, and it was because of Lu Xun that the vernacular Chinese writing in Chinese literary circle opened a new chapter.It can also be said that Lu Xun is the originator of vernacular writing.His first work is the thunderous Diary of a Madman.If you know more about Lu Xun, you will find that Lu Xun is particularly good at using metaphors and personification in his writing.It is said that the situation makes the hero, lu Xun is good at metaphor personification article expression, and the era background is inseparable.It was precisely because of that age, precisely because of the need to fight with pen and gun, that the writers of that age had to be able to use metaphors.Because without metaphors, I can’t say what I want to say, and I can’t send out what I want to write.This seemingly insignificant “Autumn night” prose, alone with the beginning of the “tone” words, has been enough to call the field of literature “textbook”.Lu Xun said that there were two trees in his yard, one was a jujube tree and the other was also a jujube tree.What are you trying to say?Loneliness is certain.What kind of loneliness is that, and how much does it weigh?”Date” has the meaning of “early”.In traditional weddings, dates are often used to symbolize “early birth of your son.”Lu Xun said that he saw two jujube trees, actually implies that he is ahead of his time thinking, he has seen a step earlier than others.In farming culture, there is a saying that “peach, apricot and pear are sold for five years, and jujubes are sold for money that year”.Can it be understood that Lu Xun wanted to say that his advanced thought is not an empty statement, but a very practical, can be immediately visible thoughts?Unfortunately, the two “jujube trees”, which symbolize their advanced thinking, grow outside the wall.Although only separated by a wall, but also far away, this is a kind of ideal close but difficult to achieve the sad.Nothing could be sadder, I thought.Lu Xun found a way to change old China and the thoughts of the old Chinese, but holding the seeds of the new culture in his hands, he could not find the soil suitable for his growth.This is a kind of loneliness that is not understood, and the greatest loneliness in the world is nothing like this.At this time, Lu Xun was in his middle age, 40 years old, and his physical strength, energy and experience had reached their prime. However, he only felt lonely, not paranoid.As lu Xun grew older, his loneliness increased, and his paranoia became “out of control”.Almost in his old age, Lu Xun turned from a hot-blooded youth into a “cold and heartless” “sharp and caustic” critic.His loneliness had become a kind of “indifference”, and lu Xun could not tolerate any flaws except the conscience of loyalty to the nation and justice.As a result, Lu Xun became a “strange man” in the eyes of his literary friends.In a way, he lived like a madman in a madman’s diary.In 1936, Lu Xun accepted an interview with a reporter from “National Salvation Information” and bluntly said that “If Chinese characters are not extinguished, China will die”.Lu Xun was fifty-five years old.Later, many people attacked Lu Xun with this remark, which also made Lu Xun fall into the “handle” of others.In my opinion, people are overreacting to this sentence.Lu Xun was not a politician, but a writer, critic and thinker.His passion was to make old China better and to cheer up the old people.He could not find a cure, but he was very anxious.Therefore, thinking from his own experience and that of living abroad, he came to the conclusion that Chinese characters hindered the rise of old China.From the perspective of tolerance, it is understandable that Lu Xun said such a thing.But his sense of disappointment, of loss, of loneliness, of urgency, gave him a sense of impatience for old China.I wish I could transplant the two jujube trees outside the courtyard to my own yard, but the reality is only to look at them.One point shy of college.15 minutes to catch the flight.Almost married the girl I loved.We were close to making a big deal, but it didn’t happen.These are the same as two jujube trees, are the story of loss.Back in 1925, Lu Xun wrote another novel called The Loner.This should be the continuation of the 1924 essay “Autumn Night”, which is also a painful state of mind, is also in a specific era, is also a variety of intriguities, changeable situation.What is more sad is that the brotherly conflict has become incandescent.Two years ago, Lu Xun was evicted from the property he bought by his brother and sister-in-law.Later, duan Chi-jui was fired by duan Chi-jui for standing in the camp of students, thus losing his source of income.What Lu Xun could not accept was that some of the students he had supported turned against him or hid from him under various pressures.After his serious illness, Lu Xun wrote the tragic novel The Loners.Objectively speaking, “The Loner” is a tragedy, because its creation background itself is a tragedy.At this time, Lu Xun’s life was extremely difficult. Unfortunately, he suffered from lung disease, which almost killed him.What is the strength that supports Lu Xun to persist in writing despite illness?Lonely, I suppose.When the whole world falls into a deep sleep, the only person awake becomes a loner.Like Diary of a Madman, the madman is Lu Xun himself, and the loner is also Lu Xun himself.The story of the Loner is like a curse. The protagonists are my grandmother, Wei Lianshu and me.Of course, the so-called loneliness is the loneliness of grandmother, Wei Lianshu and me.In Lu Xun’s eyes, Wei Lianshu was a talented man who had nowhere to put to good use.Full of blood want to change secular, but empty have the heart to kill a thief helpless vacant.In the end, the burning conscience and blood were exhausted and succumbed to reality.This curse is terrible.It’s like a closed loop, and Wei Lianshu represents not Wei Lianshu himself, but an intellectual in the background of the whole era, from generation to generation.In the novel, Lu Xun is both the grandmother and wei Lianshu. It is also the narrator of me. It is a complicated dialogue between Lu Xun and himself.Grandmother was a thoroughly assimilated person, afraid to think of her own, and the only thing she did was sew for years and years.On hand, are all kinds of threads, not much discourse, most of the time is silent.Wei Lianshu grew up and slowly grew to despise his grandmother’s life.Later, Wei Lianshu made the “single-headed cocoon”. I told him: you made the single-headed cocoon by yourself and wrapped yourself in it.Where does it come from, he asked, like grandma.The so-called silk, on the surface refers to grandma’s hand sewing silk thread, actually implies that grandma was trapped by feudal etiquette silk thread.Wei Lianshu was stuck in the “single-headed cocoon” made by himself. Her grandmother was stuck in the invisible feudal rites. No matter how she was stuck, it was the human “loneliness” in the feudal era.Grandmother’s loneliness has never been clear to anyone, always silent, as if slightly dissatisfied, but feel very reasonable.The loneliness of Wei Lianshu is an extension of his grandmother. The difference is that Wei Lianshu tried to fight back.But the final failure, bowed to the reality, but bowed and not their original intention.Therefore, Wei Lianshu died in the end to show his determination to fight.As Wei Lianshu said, “Although I didn’t share her blood, I will inherit her fate”.(The grandmother is a sequel and has no kinship relationship with Wei lianshu.) Put all the plots together, the Loner is a “closed loop” life.The loneliness of grandmother and Wei Lianshu is in the same lineage.The difference is that Wei Lianshu was regarded as a different person and had to accept the reality because he fought against it.After accepting the reality, Wei Lianshu could not convince himself to change himself, and finally ended his life.In the novel, “me”, seeing the life experience of grandmother and Wei Lianshu, their “curse” has always troubled me.But luckily, I was able to find a way to reconcile with life from their story and finally break through the closed loop of “curse” of loneliness and escape the unfortunate outcome of grandmother and Wei Lianshu.What kind of method is that?No matter how hard it is, stick to yourself rationally.Since I was born to do this, I can’t talk myself into changing who I am.I did what I thought I could do, what I thought was right, and it was enough. I did not necessarily care about the so-called results.If what I do is effective, that will be a very lucky thing.If I run my whole life and don’t wake up a single person, that’s fine with me.In short, I’ve done what I had to do, and my conscience is clear.This is the strength of Lu Xun, he is not an empty hot-blooded angry youth, he is a thinking maverick.It is just like the story in the story about Wei Lianshu crying when his grandmother passed away: Lianshu shed tears, then lost his voice, and changed into a long howl immediately, like a wounded Wolf, howling in the wilderness at night, with anger and sorrow in the tragic wound.But when Wei Lianshu died, there was another description about “me” : I was walking fast, as if I wanted to rush out of something heavy, but I couldn’t.Something in the ears struggled, and after a while, finally struggled out, vaguely like a long howl, like a wounded Wolf howling in the middle of the night in the wilderness, with rage and sorrow mingled in its misery.Although both of them were tragic cries, Wei Lianshu did not get out of his grandmother’s lonely curse, but “me” (lu Xun) came out.At the end of the article, I feel that some things can not be hidden, they will find you at any time and anywhere, such as loneliness.Every one of us living in the world cannot escape “loneliness”.But we should find a way to reconcile ourselves from loneliness, so as to walk out of the curse of loneliness and end the closed loop of fate handed down from generation to generation.This path is to do what you should do and do the right thing, regardless of success or failure and secular perspective.

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