The heating up drama is on this weekend!Tomorrow the temperature difference between day and night will be 10 degrees

Today, the whole city is clear, the cold of the morning did not last long, soon to be reversed by bright sunshine and heat.Jiading, Baoshan and Pudong led the way today, with highs exceeding 13 degrees.Large-scale sunny line, heating up into the “main melody”.Since February, the sun has been playing hide and seek with us, China’s cold and wet climate features prominent, the national and southern precipitation record!The good news is that sunshine is beginning to return on a large scale, setting off a wave of warming in most of the country.Count the days of February 22 into eight or nine, as the saying goes, “seven or nine rivers open, nine or nine geese come.”By late February it should be this warm.This weekend was one of the most beautiful days in recent days – sunny and cloudy with a mild south-west wind.The highest temperatures for tomorrow and tomorrow will be 16 degrees and 15 degrees respectively.During the day a whole sun and warm, everything can be basked in.It should be noted that the rise of the minimum temperature has not completely kept up with, in the vicinity of 6~7 degrees, resulting in a temperature difference of nearly 10 degrees between day and night, but also refer to the minimum temperature to dress oh.Dry weather easy, pay attention to water.During the travel, please pay attention to personal protection: do not crowd, do not gather, epidemic prevention “three sets”, protection “five also”!At the beginning of next week, the warm and humid air will return, bringing more clouds during the day and occasional rain.Light rain in some of the “sky street light rain run as crisp” feeling, and then it will be cloudy weather.Shanghai’s winter has lasted for two full months since it started on December 25, 2021.During the rest of winter, the feeling of spring will begin to sink in and grow stronger.Now is the time to warm up.Enjoy the sunshine while you can, and keep your heavy and thin coats handy.Tomorrow’s Weather February 27th (Sunday) : cloudy to cloudy, 7 to 15 degrees February 28th (Monday) : overcast to cloudy with occasional light rain, 8 to 16 degrees March 1st (Tuesday) : overcast with occasional light rain, 8 to 12 degrees March 2nd (Wednesday) : cloudy, 7 to 15 degrees

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