The name of these three majors seems to be ambitious, but the actual employment rate is poor. Finally, we can only change majors

The three major, professional title seems domineering, the actual employment rate is poor, finally can only turn professional colleges and universities depends to a large extent affects the student’s life, when some examinee enter oneself for an examination in focus too much on the stand or fall of the school, not careful about professional, might end up mistook some deceptive major is walking in the distance, the three professional college is very poor, is eliminated by the society,Students hardly have jobs after graduation!There are a lot of majors in Chinese universities, but not all of them adapt to the trend of The Times, and not all of them meet the needs of the society, so some majors become off-limits to students.Is one of the first business management specialty, this sounds very scary, don’t know what people will think that this major is matching with industrial and commercial bureau work, if not, is a professional management position can be obtained after graduation, but that’s just wishful thinking, in fact, this is a circle of the career of money, the name of this career seems very serious, want to learn a lot of things,But it’s all in poor taste, you learn everything, you learn nothing well, and the situation is so awkward that most of the students at the management school change jobs.In addition, it is worth mentioning that many people regard the Master of Business Administration as the opposite, and think that the Master of Business Administration is the Master of Public Administration. In fact, these are two different things. The Master of Business Administration is a non-full-time professional Master degree, which can be registered for three years after graduation.But the student that business administration major reads graduate student is on-the-job personage to enter oneself for an examination commonly.The next on the list is a professional education technology, it is a well-known professional pit dad, many students hold the idea of when the teacher to the professional, only to find learn communication equipment and other professional, graduate students can’t when the teacher, the professional obtain employment is very narrow, not meet the requirement of today’s society, many universities have begun to undo this major,If the examinee accidentally falls into the pit, it is really necessary to change majors or find ways to prepare for cross-major study.Finally, we are going to talk about tourism management, which is also known as the pit, in the employment direction of the tourism industry and the industry management department, employers rarely need to recruit candidates graduated from tourism management, students of this major have almost no advantages in job hunting, there is a feeling of learning nothing about this major.At present, in addition to part of the students engaged in tour guide work, most of the students of this major has changed, according to the current situation, this major from the needs of the society, the necessity of opening is not so sufficient, so the students should carefully apply for.##&&image&# This is because the wrong choice of major will lead to the wrong life path, which will have a great impact on employment and development prospects. What is your opinion on the above three majors?

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