WWE royal battle backstage insider exposure, Real is worthy of the name of the “man with a thousand faces”!

2022 royal war has been over a week, but still high heat related topics of discussion, which appear most frequently is “McMahon grace,” “prince ye” involved in planning the man on the rope challenge this year, after a time became the object of behind the scenes all shelling after we already vaguely know,Shane’s self-centered approach to the script, even at the expense of his own father Vince McMann, ended up costing him neither a decent game nor his own dismissal.And Dave Meltzer revealed more of the lesser-known facts on the latest episode of The Wrestling Observer radio show. According to the Old Thief, all the last-minute changes for the night were basically made by three people: Vince McMann, Shane McMann, and Brocklesner.This year have been recalled in the third year of old Mr Shane, he is responsible for the matters of the royal war, with the help of when shane put forward an idea, however, Vince almost always reject without hesitation, the reason is very simple, shane besides trying to put themselves into the focus of the game, also do not know anything about existing story line,He has happened in the TV show of indifference, so hand over most of the play is the donkey is not the horse mouth, even absurd to can’t completely to join not only such, cotton is still in the process to arrangement works best for you, because he want to anyway as a powerful role into wrestlemania, so in order to meet the requirements of big-name stars,The interests of the others had to repeatedly cut, which in turn leads to the whole plan more frequently changed, even before the start of the match a lot of players don’t know who you need to eliminate or eliminated by who, the only thing they know is, large cloth will eventually to be a winner, and including shane, all the contestants will be seen “him” in addition,The show’s decision to change the order of Bad Plankton’s appearances several times before the show may also have played a major role in Shane’s ouster from WWE, as executives were keen not to create too much of a negative impression of the star after His wrestleMania partner Damian Priest made his ring debut last year.After this year’s Royal War, The mysterious Man Rael personally took off his mask and gave it to his opponent as a sign of respect. Speaking of masks, many fans may wonder how many different “faces” the 619 Master has.He finally revealed the answer during a recent appearance on Brandon F. Walker’s Rasslin ‘.Israel said, who claims that he has more than 5000 masks must be in the bull, his collection of mask off no five photos, but a thousand should still some, specific number probably at around 1100, the most mask he had only one or two, to mouldproof moistureproof, he must also occasionally take them out in the sun…Good guy, really don’t ask don’t know, the original mysterious person Rell in reality is a real “man with a thousand faces”, no wonder the mask will be given away without hesitation →_→ familiar with the friends may know that the “three giants of ink fall” also has a thousand faces (Mil Mascaras),The legendary luchador is not only the uncle of former WWE champion Alberto Todrio, but also was successfully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.Inspired in large part by Mil Mascaras, Rayle is now arguably WWE’s most successful Mexican-born wrestler, and this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony is scheduled to air after SmackDown the night before Wrestlemania. It will run for an hour and a half, and Rayle, who just appeared on the cover of 2K,Is there a chance to be given a Hall of Fame ring?

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