2022 Mid-end new energy “Fairy fight”!Renault Jiangling Yi speaks with his strength

In the past year, the domestic new energy vehicles can be said to be from the beginning of the fire to the end of the year, according to data statistics, in 2021, China’s new energy vehicle sales reached 2.989 million units, a year-on-year growth of 169.1%, which shows its hot degree.In the most competitive mid-end new energy market, it is “gods fight”, the rise of independent brands, explosive models emerge in endlessly, such as BYD Qin PLUS DM-I, Xiaopeng P5, etc.;Joint venture brands are not to be outdone, to pioneer pure tram into the market, such as Renault Jiangling Yi.In the New Year, new energy subsidies will be withdrawn, and major car companies will raise prices one after another. In this situation, models with good comprehensive strength and high cost performance will become the new choice of young consumers, and Renault Jiangling Yi is one of them with high cost performance.Why Renault Jiangling Yi is the middle end of the new energy market cost-effective choice?The first thing to mention is its performance.Renault Jianglingyi is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor and provides two versions of two-drive and four-drive. The maximum power of the two-drive electric drive system is 110kW and the peak torque is 225N·m.The four-wheel drive version is equipped with dual motors, and the system can produce a maximum output power of 170Kw and peak torque of 395N. M, bringing an excellent performance of 5.8s in the 100km acceleration time, which is in the current level of xiaopeng P5, GAC AION S PLUS and other competing products, are rolling grade.Just a 163,800 YUAN Renault Jiangling Yi GT version has dual motor four-wheel drive, 5.8 seconds zero hundred acceleration results, saying that “the middle end of the new energy market cost-effective king” is not too much?It is worth mentioning that Renault Jiangling Yi is not only “stupid”, but also pay attention to manipulation.It is understood that Renault jiangling processing of used McPherson independent suspension before + after the combination of multi-link independent suspension type, and equipped with high performance aluminum alloy lightweight body and grip of Michelin tires, the chassis set-up comfortably and have qualitative feeling, flexible manipulation of more natural, allows the rider to whether it is in the process of acceleration, or after a bumpy road, can enjoy referral stability control, AnnFully comfortable driving experience.In intelligent configuration, Renault Jiangling Yi is also very bright, its joint intelligent technology head enterprise IFLYtek to create EZOOM-Pilot3.0 Intelligent assisted driving system, using the latest generation OF TI TDA4 chip, and equipped with 24 sensors, 2 million pixel front dual-camera, can achieve one-click automatic parking, HWA high-speed automatic driving, TJA traffic congestion assistance and other functions, to bring drivers a relaxed and pleasant intelligent travel experience.Of course, in this “face” world, it is not enough to have a core, the level of appearance must pass.Renault Jiangling Yi’s appearance design tends to young sports style, using E.C.H.O avant-garde philosophy design language, the front face closed grille design shows the temperament of new energy vehicles;Sharp “F” shaped headlight group shape and exaggerated “Y” shaped taillight shape echo, very visual impact effect;Coupe-like sliding back style, with smooth lines and beautiful body color, so that the vehicle looks full of fashion and sports atmosphere.At the same time, the long wheelbase of Renault Jiangling Yi 2750mm and the wide body design of the vehicle itself make the driving and passenger space very rich, which can meet the needs of young people for the comfort of intelligent pure tram.Excellent performance control, intelligent configuration rich, novel appearance design, the top match is less than 200,000 Renault Jiangling Yi showed a good product force.Under the new situation of new energy subsidy retreat, Renault Jianglingyi as a cost-effective choice in the middle end of the new energy market is bound to attract the attention of more young consumers.

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