An urgent notice on epidemic prevention and control in schools at all levels of the city

In view of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, in order to protect the safety and health of teachers, students and staff, we hereby announce the following measures to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control: Starting from March 15, all schools at all levels (including kindergartens) in The city will start online education, except for the senior grade, which can be completely closed.Education administrative departments at all levels and schools at all levels (including kindergartens) must strictly comply with the requirements of provincial and municipal schools for epidemic prevention and control, fulfill their duties and resolutely do a good job in all aspects of campus epidemic prevention and control.All teachers, students and staff should strictly abide by local regulations and requirements on epidemic prevention and control, take good personal protection, refrain from gathering, gathering or dining together, do not leave the site unless necessary, and avoid contact with people returning from other places.Specific offline teaching time will be notified later.Linyi Education Bureau March 15, 2022

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