Hainan’s only 211 university, began a big move, 12 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences joined the strong!

On January 25, 2022, the Research Center for Theoretical Physics of Hainan University was officially established, and 12 cas academicians were employed, which is a big move for the edge 211 of Hainan University.However, not all the 12 Cas academicians were present. Only 5 academicians were present to watch the ceremony and jointly cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of the Theoretical Physics Research Center of Hainan University.In this meeting, the leading organization of the research center was established. Ye Zhaohui, a researcher of the Institute of Precision Measurement Science and Technology Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (present at the meeting) served as the honorary director, and Sun Changpu, the dean of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, served as the director of the Strategic Development and Reform Committee.Strategic development committee, a total of six, Beijing institute of quantum to tao, Luo Min xing, director of the Beijing computational science research center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the institute for theoretical physics Cai Ronggen, Beijing computational science research center researcher hai-qing Lin, Wang Yupeng, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of physics, tsinghua university professor time (site) meeting.Hainan university five physical discipline construction consultant, respectively, China gravitational wave detection “tianqin plan” chief scientist Luo Jun, a professor at Peking University GanZiZhao (site to attend the meeting), researcher at the institute of acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, aiaa and (site to attend the meeting), jilin university professor guang-tian zou (site to attend the meeting),Researcher Shen Xuechu, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Only three of the 12 Chinese academicians are university professors — Peking University, Tsinghua University and Jilin University — while the rest are affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Therefore, in the establishment of this research center of Hainan University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has given considerable support to Hainan University.As is known to all, Hainan University, as the only 211 university in Hainan Province, has a mediocre development. As for the reasons, it is difficult to explain.In 1988, Hainan province was founded and began to develop independently.As early as 1983, Hainan University was established through the merger of three colleges and universities in Hainan, namely hainan Normal College, Hainan Medical College and Hainan Administrative College of Agriculture. At that time, Hainan University already had the embryonic form of comprehensive university.However, from 1986 to 1989, teachers and medicine were independent and formed Hainan Teachers College and Hainan Medical College.This also means that the name of Hainan University at this time is only the original Hainan Administrative Region College of Agriculture, from the so-called comprehensive university gradually go far.In fact, hainan University at this time was actually “Hainan Agricultural University”.Perhaps for this reason, in 2007, Hainan University chose to merge with south China Tropical Agricultural University, which is an agricultural university, to continue to advance on the road of agricultural university.In 2017, Hainan University was selected as one of the “211” universities, and its self-designated first-class discipline is crop science.Although crop science of Hainan University is only the lowest C-subject in the discipline evaluation, in fact, the main advantage of Hainan University in this discipline is tropical crops, which belongs to a subdivided field and occupies a dominant position in the country.Now, Hainan University is ready to make a big splash in physics, finally getting ready to walk on two legs.Recall the past, all rivers run into Sea, string song not compose;Look at the present, continue to open, road zhiyuan.Nanhaiming Zhuhai come on, let’s wait and see!Tutu spit bubble original, welcome attention.Data is obtained from the network. Please refer to the official information

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