On New Year’s Day, I ate braised carp in soy sauce in my hometown in Henan Province

Today, the first day of the Lunar New Year, is also a traditional Chinese Spring Festival.As the saying goes, it is not too late to send blessings to a party at the beginning of the year.Here, first of all, I wish you the year of tiger tiger, continuous singing and laughing, tiger head to make money, tiger mountain dare first, tiger tiger health wind body healthy, tiger mountain reputation.Since it is the first day of the New Year, not only has special significance, there are insurmountable rules.For example, don’t clean up, let alone take out the garbage.As for eating and drinking, it is completely different from the past.As henan people, carp is really a special liking.During Chinese New Year, it would never be perfect without a dish called braised carp.Huaiyang, Henan province, my hometown, has tens of thousands of acres of natural waters, beautiful natural scenery, alias water city, also bred a myriad of beautiful aquatic products.The locals call carp red fish.The claim is not unfounded.Carp fins and tails are red, fish scales also shining golden, bright, beautiful, color and luster to give people a great temptation.In addition, red represents enthusiasm, cheerful, generous, do not have a taste in winter.For this reason, carp are becoming increasingly popular with local people.Classy carp can not be too big, one to two jin, installed in the fish plate is more appropriate, known as qiao table.Too big carp meat hair firewood, too small carp meat lack of muscle, fish bone is also more.The banquet, carp sent, often means to reach the climax.Carp head and tail to who, are also carefully arranged by the master, to drink wine.The highly skilled chef makes the carp fragrant and delicious, especially the meat next to the fish belly, which melts in your mouth, is tender and delicious.We have to admit that whether we can make good carp is also a standard to test the skills of chefs.Although my mother is illiterate and has not received professional guidance, she is quite good at cooking braised carp.Well received and recognized by neighbors.Carp get home, to be carefully cleaned.Then make a flower knife on both sides, put ginger slices and green Onions into the fish belly, smear the right amount of salt, pour into cooking wine, and pickle for more than 10 minutes.A word of caution: carp can be cut into pieces if they are large.Otherwise, the whole fish is hard to fry.Marinated carp, sprinkle some five-spice powder evenly, flour or starch and water, add eggs, make juice, thin consistency with chopsticks to pick out the line, evenly wrapped in the fish.Add enough oil in the pot, the temperature reaches 67 percent, put the whole fish in, do not easily to turn, wait until one side finalize the design, can go to turn, fry the other side.The frying time of the carp must be controlled properly, too long, the fish will become relatively firm, the mouth will lose its freshness, too short, in the process of braising, the fish will easily spoil.To the point of doing, add a little oil in the pot, put green Onions, ginger, dried pepper, star anise, fry out fragrance, pour soy sauce, wait until the sauce flavor comes out, add water can diffuse the fish to boil.Then put the fish into the pot, add the right amount of balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate to taste, cover the pot lid, change to medium heat stew system.About 15 minutes or so, the soup is basically gone, the fish is soft and tender, and the flavor, remove the plate, set, garnish with cilantro, and done.Like to eat carp friends might as well try to do, if you want to eat ready-made, you can go to Henan.In the area, it’s just plain old home cooking.

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