Original god: version 2.6 layer rock deep exposure, miha accelerated map, zhong from the player ecstasy

What?Version 2.6 messages already appear?Spicy Chicken version 2.5, workers don’t want to stay a moment longer…Hello, everyone, I am little white game record.In a previous post, Bai mentioned a new relic that will appear in 2.6.From the mandrill relic to the Mandrill relic, we have a unique surprise.For these two sets of holy relics xiaobai has been introduced, you can open the home page of Xiaobai, today’s article will introduce these two holy relics.But that’s not all that’s going to happen with version 2.6. Let’s take a look at what’s going to be interesting in the future.Than today’s activities under the deep palace, small white YanJuYuan map, more like the permanent version of the layer, the content of the ghost’s reports, we can see out layer YanJuYuan maroon on the whole, in detail, is the following: for the 2.6 version of the content, give small white the biggest feeling is, and have fun.But it is not clear who the replica in the deep is, whether it is a sacred relic from mandrills or a sacred relic from the gods. if you look at the map, it is likely to be mandrills.After all, you’re in the borage, you just got off the plane…There’s more to the subterranean caverns than meets the eye. After all, today’s authorities love the “manual antics” of drilling holes.Through the mission, we can unlock the map below the layer rock.See this scene, we sigh at miha accelerated the map, zhong from the player ecstasy, there is no.Feels like this map must have a lot of minerals.Compared with the open map of fuxia Palace, the layer rock is more closely.After all, it is a news article, natural to let everyone see cool one-time, small white in this article is a transparent person, we mainly look at the map.As for the dungeon, Xiaobai talked about it in the previous article, and in the picture we can see that there is a large area, for this place is definitely need us to fight the BOSS.After all, from the sixth volume of Juyunjian, it is recorded that the wasteland west of The Moon, the star fell, turned the wasteland into an abyss, jade and stone constantly bred, people inexhaustible, since formed the mining industry of the moon for thousands of years.But why is it now that people have sealed it off, something must happen, and what can stop people from looting money?Must be a very powerful creature!The key is to know nothing at the moment, the story of Thor has been hit in the face, for the new map is less speculation, at least when there is enough evidence, let us know.In fact, does not rule out the layer of rock juyuan one-time open conjecture, after all, layer of rock Juyuan both need to lay xumi plot, but also in the large map among the rich tasks, one-time put out is not realistic.But what do you think?Welcome to watch this article, if this article is helpful to everyone, might as well point a concern, do not ask for anything else, let xiaobai tomorrow’s food to see a package of mustard, really · soy sauce mixed rice, too bad to eat.

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