The company wants to make a different kind of meta-universe content?

On a Chinese q&A platform, an article about what the metasomes really are has received more than 1,300 comments, with the most liked comments saying that the hype is outweighing the reality and that the technology is far from supporting its realization.The second most liked comment was tongue-in-cheek: “Got it. When will P be on the metasverse?”Apparently, judging from the reactions of users on the platform, there are two kinds of attitudes towards the universe: disbelief and indifference. The rest, if there are a few optimists, have been drowned out.However, if you look at the industry related to the meta-universe, you will find that it presents a different scene: the scale of investment and financing at home and abroad has risen sharply. According to incomplete statistics of Sina VR, in 2021, the global meta-universe related investment and financing exceeded 300 cases, the amount of financing exceeded 50 billion YUAN;Tech giants have entered the game, such as Facebook, which renamed itself Meta, Microsoft, which just bought Blizzard with a huge sum of money, and Domestic companies such as Alibaba and Tencent, which are limited by the policy influence, are also entering the meta-universe from different angles, such as launching various digital collections and digital virtual people.1. The polarized attitudes of ordinary netizens and practitioners reflect that this round of meta-cosmic upsurge around the world is actually a meta-cosmic industrial chain upsurge.Because when something new comes along, only the people involved are the first to figure it out and dive in.The concept of a meta-universe is not complicated. In 1992, Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel Avalanche described it as a virtual space parallel to the real world, but closely connected to society. People in the real world can carry out extremely real social activities in the virtual space through their avatars.To realize such a grand idea, there is no doubt that it needs a lot of support to recreate a world, mainly including hardware layer, software layer, service layer, content and application layer.Among them, content and application layer is the most promising industrial link in the meta-universe industry chain, and also the most popular field for meta-universe entrepreneurs at present. Beijing Digital New Infrastructure Co., Ltd. is one of them.Beijing digital jian-bo yu, founder of the new infrastructure that is 2021 yuan of the first year of the universe, the future is expected to become the Internet 3.0, under this trend, yuan universe relevant domestic enterprises is rapid development, but the video of yuan universe related content is lack, this may be caused by ordinary Internet users the main reason for the difference between cognitive and practitioners.To this end, Beijing Digital New Infrastructure began to create a meta-universe series of columns “Versailles from the Meta-universe”, on the one hand, for the public to popularize the meta-universe, explore the future development direction of the Internet;On the other hand, it provides a display window for high and new technologies of domestic enterprises related to the meta-universe, so that practitioners can master the latest developments of the meta-universe.2. Yuan universe sermon book with the current relative single on the network, and the homogeneity serious yuan universe science content, compared to the RMB from the universe of Versailles series short focus more on the yuan universe industry were reviewed and the interpretation of prospective, new and high science and technology of RMB are introduced in detail the universe architecture, the underlying technology, application scenarios, and then parsing yuan universe.In terms of visual effects, this series of short films will present the sci-fi special effects of cyberpunk style, as well as the combination of live shooting and virtual scenes to create a sense of immersion in the meta-universe.The shooting style is presented in the form of micro suspense and light plot, in which the real anchor interacts with the virtual anchor, and the explanation by senior experts of the meta-universe is integrated, so that the audience can have an in-depth understanding of the whole meta-universe in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere.Yu jianbo said the series aims to present an objective and real metasomes, which are neither deified nor demonized. Topics in the series will cover concepts, technologies and industrial chains, product applications, risks and control, and future prospects of the metasomes.It is understood that most members of the Beijing Digital New infrastructure team come from Beijing TV and CCTV. They have rich experience in shooting, post-production, special effects and 3D, etc. Producers and planners have worked in mainstream online media for many years, and their previous works are more focused on the field of science and technology.Team plans to invite the experts with the China mobile communications association Dr Yuan Yu Jianing, director of the space industry committee, national ChengWanTong CEO Guo Cheng, huawei Chinese operators, marketing director of xiang-yu li, first yuan universe books “yuan cosmos card” the author XingJie heritage, cultural heritage application of virtual simulation experiment teaching center of national maike professor, Beijing computing center expert JiHong, etc.At present, the column is attracting investment, mainly in the form of column naming, advertising, virtual person customization, story implantation, IP authorization, etc.Involved in the industry of the universe including AR/VR, virtual people, twin, artificial intelligence, digital NFT, brain machine interface, 5 g, block chain, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing industry brand or product technology applications, such as landing sponsored other suitable products and mobile phone, notebook, desktop, intelligent electronic devices such as smart watches,Digital finance, FMCG, culture travel, automobile, etc., can be integrated into the video in the way of product implantation.Haizi poem: love doubt and love flying is a bird, submerged everything is the sea.Skeptics and participants alike are searching for answers to where the tide of the metasverse, which has been bubbled up since last August, is taking us.So far, the average daily search index of the domestic metasomes is 26,092, the average daily information index is 89,799, and the number of metasome-related search results is 84,900,000.Bloomberg estimates that the global metasexes market will reach $800 billion in three years.Pricewaterhousecoopers, an accounting firm, expects the market to climb to $1.5 trillion by 2030.Right now, the metasurverse is already crowded, and its content track is gaining its first fans.In the future, “when will P station go to the metasemes?” might not really be a joke.

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