The more money, the higher the betrothal money?Rural “5 pieces” custom cause dissatisfaction, do you have in your hometown?

Preface Last year, there was a hot word on the Internet that people often talked about, that is, inrolls.In fact, it is involved in the growth process of people from childhood to adulthood, such as the comparison of who did better in the entrance examination, the comparison of who has a higher salary, the comparison of who has a more luxurious house and so on.However, with the continuous development of the whole society, this word can even be reflected in various customs in the countryside, because villagers always want to roll up when doing anything, which leads to the taste of some customs originally endowed with good meaning by people, and even to the direction of vulgar development.It’s hard for a lot of farmers to understand, and you want to know, is there no one who can control it?Here are five things that are changing about the countryside.In this regard, the more money, the higher the betrothal money?Rural “5 pieces” custom cause dissatisfaction, do you have in your hometown?The first thing is a funeral.If any of the villagers hold a funeral at home, it means that a loved one has passed away, which in itself is a very sad thing.In the past, no family would hold a funeral ceremony too lively, ask a suona team to blow a sad tune to express the feeling of missing.However, nowadays, the scale of funerals in many places has become bigger and bigger. It is not enough to invite a suona team, and they may invite several times to PK to play music. Of course, the music they play is not sad but popular happy music.It’s hard to understand, what is the point of a funeral?Perhaps in the mind of the host family, this can reflect his face more, but in the eyes of others, this is a very inappropriate practice.The second thing is the drama of the wedding.For thousands of years in China, holding a wedding has been a noisy event, with the bride and groom’s relatives and friends present on the wedding day, which is itself a means of conveying good wishes.There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun at a wedding, but the problem is that in many places marriage is becoming too much of a problem, which can make brides and grooms very uncomfortable, and may even cause psychological problems for many people.So people will question, what is the meaning of marriage?The third thing is followers.When relatives and friends have a happy event, we can express their thoughts with a portion of money, such as marriage, children’s centenarian dinner, etc., which is also a way to increase the communication between the two sides.However, the phenomenon of internal volume also exists in different time, the guests with more and more members, the host held more and more frequent feasts.Of course, these hosts will also give elaborate reasons for hosting feasts, such as buying a house, buying a car, sending their children to school, and what is more incomprehensible is that some people will host feasts when their sows are born.If the person who comes to the banquet does not follow a share of money, then the two sides will surely become more and more indifferent slowly, so it seems that followers have become a tool to maintain the face-saving project between the two sides.The fourth thing is the sky-high bride price.In fact, it is understandable that a man would give a bride price to his wife to show his respect. In the past, the bride price might be some household appliances and so on, but nowadays, the bride price has become a house, car and tickets.This is a very heavy pressure, and how should the husband’s family bear it?At the same time, in order to show that their daughter married very well, there are many women’s families, always want hundreds of thousands of betrothal gifts, such a comparison has lost its significance, seems to test the feelings between the two sides.In real life, there are many young people who end up parting ways because of betrothal price.The fifth thing is lucky money.In fact, during the Spring Festival, the elders give the younger generation some New Year’s money to express their own mind is also a good thing.In the past, people gave lucky money maybe only ten or twenty dollars, and the younger generation would be very happy.However, after the continuous development of society, the amount of New Year’s money is becoming bigger and bigger, give a couple of hundred dollars may not be able to move, the younger generation is not happy, always give thousands of New Year’s money can be.For farmers, lucky money has become the biggest pressure during the Spring Festival.Also makes people curious, is the New Year’s money also began to roll inside?Conclusion In the context of the ever-changing society, many customs have changed their taste, but in the final analysis, the main reason is that people have become more and more vanity, and there is a phenomenon of comparison and introversion between people.So if our heart is also very despise this gradually vulgar custom, it should start from their own behavior, do not do this kind of thing.Today’s topic: 5 things that have gone bad in rural areas: Customs have become “vulgar”, farmers: When should they be remedied?

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