“A Thousand Words” 36: Keep the key to the cage

Social hot spots, workplace focus, focus of life, talking about the world;A family of words, nonsense nonsense, set thinking, a thousand words.– The proposition and Persistence of “A Thousand Words of Delirium” continue to discuss how to put power into the cage of the system.In our human society, from childhood to adulthood, from birth to death, from study to employment, there seems to be a common habit of asking for favors and favors from others.This is a powerful social force that can make any institution unenforceable and make the cage of power less tight.In such a cultural and social context, keeping the key to the cage becomes as important as putting power into the institutional cage.Otherwise, the institutional cage will become a tool for some people to seek personal gains, rather than a sharp tool to constrain public power and serve the public.Who should I keep the key to the cage?It is easy to say, but it is a very complicated thing to put into practice.To the authority?Obviously there is already when the referee and when the suspicion of athletes, both can not exclude the possibility of stealing from the inside, it is difficult to avoid the use of familiar with the provisions of the convenient conditions and big drill system design defects.To the regulatory authorities?It sounds feasible, but it doesn’t work very well.A few years ago, in addition to the city management law enforcement firm but also criticized, which departments can strongly ensure the resolute implementation of relevant laws and regulations?We are both fearful, looking ahead and looking ahead, seeking to protect ourselves, and protecting the vested interests of our stakeholders.To the press?Again, a naive idea.No matter how powerful the media is, they do not live in a vacuum. They also have to eat, wear, live and travel. There are many places where they need to turn to “relevant departments” for help.And the magic power of “relevant departments” is really too big, the media have to rush down again and again, and again and again retreat.To the masses?This is not just a question of naivete.Although the masses are the creators of history, they have never been the makers and implementors of laws and regulations, still less strong supervisors.Moreover, “the people” is often an illusory concept. Which specific “people” or group of specific “people” should be given the keys to the few “people”?Obviously not easy to answer.Once the cage of power was built, who should keep the key became a problem.Perhaps the most absurd suggestion would be to throw away the key, to the sea, to the forest, to the mountain, to the place beyond the reach of man, so as to achieve the goal of imprisoning power in a cage forever.Such proposals clearly ignore the greed and resilience of power.In the face of desire and interest, even without the keys to get in and out, those in power will try their best to break the cage to get more benefits.The highest state of swordsman is no sword in hand, sword in heart, abuse of power also get its essence and the pursuit of lawlessness and follow the madness of the state.Most of time, maybe increase the rigid system, make some more sturdy, the cage to dare to break through the cage who pay a heavy price, the goods, and even the destruction, head break to warn others to increase the feeling of fear of the discipline, and consciously pursuing abide by discipline of plain and insipid happy state of mind.Yu Fu was drafted in Shenyang, Liaoning province on May 10, 2013, and perfected in his hometown of Kaizhou Mountain Town, Chongqing on February 1, 2022

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