A truly wise man does not wallow in despair

People are resigned to their fate.This state of life, whether in the city or in the country, is pervaded by deep despair.Even if you dress yourself up in musk-skin or mink, it is only a comfort in despair.Many people are keen on games or entertainment, which is also a way to vent, not relax.A truly wise man will not wallow in despair.For the true meaning of life, the meaning of survival, the essence of life, people’s choice always tends to be consistent.Those choices that seem to be made after careful and intelligent consideration are only made because there is no other choice in mind.As long as you keep a calm and healthy mind, you will know that each day the sun provides fresh light and that old prejudices can be discarded and corrected.No idea or action, no matter how old, is convincing until it has been validated.Yesterday was the accepted truth, tomorrow may be a fallacy that needs to be discarded.When someone tells you something impossible, try it yourself and decide whether to believe it or not.Previous conclusions, with the washing of time, there will be new changes.It was only after a long period of darkness that the ancients realized that burning could be sustained as long as fuel was maintained.Now man can make the pot of hot water with boiling fuel fly like a bird in the sky.Age and experience are not enough to give one an advantage, and it is doubtful how much of what is truly precious even to the wise man of life he can get out of it.In fact, older people may not be able to impart valuable lessons to younger generations because their experiences are personal, let alone painful.At least in my thirty years on earth, I have never received any truly valuable advice from my elders.Life needs to be realized by myself. The road ahead is long and I have not yet set foot in it.They had already gone, but that was just their path, and it didn’t help me at all.I believe that the value I will experience in my future life will not have been foreseen by my predecessors.As a farmer plowed, he said to me, “You can’t just eat vegetables, because they don’t give you all the nutrients you need to grow your bones.”He was on a quest for “essential nutrients.”But he forgot that while he was talking about it, the plow was being pulled forward by the oxen with their strong bones, and that all the oxen had to eat before they plowed was grass.There are those who know nothing of the same things that are a necessity to some and a luxury to others.There are those who believe that our ancestors had the perfect solution to the world’s problems because they had seen through the mountains and valleys of life.As Evelyn puts it: “Solomon the Wise had already stated the proper distance between the trees, and the Roman government had specified how often a man should enter his neighbour’s yard to gather acorns, and how much the neighbour should receive.”Hippocrates prescribes the method of clipping nails – not too long, not too short, must be at the level of the fingertips.These platitudes are so boring!But it is regarded by many as the essence of life.In fact, a person’s potential is infinite, it is impossible to measure, any experience is only one of a thousand possibilities.We can’t measure the unknown by past examples.Whatever trouble or hardship you are in, “Fret not, my child, for who can judge what thou hast not touched?”We can experience life differently in many ways: while the sun gives my beans the power to grow, it will also shine on other planets in the solar system like ours.How many wrongs will this alone correct us!However, while weeding, I did not realize this.The stars of the night sky are shining, and in the vast universe there is something growing.Life is as changeable as the universe, and no one can predict the future of others.We should have lived through all the ages, yes, even all the worlds of all ages, at some time!History, poetry, mythology — I can’t imagine anyone’s experience being broader than that.There are a lot of things that people around me approve of that I don’t.If I had to find one thing to regret, it would be that I had been too formal and cautious.What kind of magic has locked my mind?Seventy years old, you are already covered in glory, you can say those words of wisdom.Like ships, they let the dreams and causes of their predecessors run aground.We have to believe as much as possible that there are many possibilities outside of our daily lives.We need to move away from self-centered thinking and extend care to more people.Our current affairs are magnified by the world’s ceaseless anxiety and tension.So we’re always worried about how much is left to do?What if I get sick?So we were careful by day, chanting prayers by night, always looking forward to the future.We stick to this state with great loyalty, even under great pressure.Or so we might say: What else?But every outburst of thought is the beginning of a new life.If a person understands the imaginary situation in his mind as a reality, he will make assumptions about his life based on it.But the sea of life, people never see the end.Original title: Thoreau: A Truly wise Man Who Did not Wallow in Despair

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