All things are beautiful, you are the most precious

Time is like glittering and translucent sand, each full and clear, so quietly slip away in the gap of the day, without a sound, but let you feel its real breath.But there are days when time stretches them too far, and one’s thoughts go too far.Is it because you’re not used to being on your own?Is it because you’re not satisfied with the present?People always seem to have the habit of remembering the past, forget the youth, or regret some unfinished wishes.One September a few years ago, I crossed several provinces, lugging a heavy bag that seemed to contain not only luggage but also surprise, fear and anticipation.Full of blood, a lonely brave, as if suitable to describe every brave set foot on the journey of children.They didn’t grow up, they just weren’t used to it.Growing up is an important task in people’s life.Distance will produce beauty, but also grasp the care, the child who has never been far away from home will want to change back to the former child when he leaves home alone.Can “not sensible”, can “tong Yan Wuji”, can laugh, can wanton crying.Of course, this is by no means to demean the children, that age is the most real and pure stage, they are innocent, lovely and artless, pure eyes shining bright.Seriously, I don’t want to grow up.On the contrary, when I was young, I wanted to grow up quickly.Go out without restraint and wander about without fear;You don’t have to buy things with people talking or ignoring you. You don’t have to cry for things you just like but don’t use.Now it seems that I was living in a honey pot.Not a rich family, but never have to worry about any problems, can read, can play, even wrestling is just a small matter of climbing up and cleaning clothes.How about now?Maybe it is doing the same things every day, accumulated day after day is a lot of complaints and reluctance, fell did not feel much pain but do not want to stand up, everything has become less happy and carefree.People can not help but miss the old days, want to go back to that “carefree” age.With the arrival of the New Year, Mr. CAI LAN opened his micro blog once a year to answer all the questions left by netizens.One of them, I was particularly impressed: the user asked: “big cities struggle, small cities leisurely, how to choose?”The husband replied, “Go to the big city first.”People in order to live the pace of struggle has never stopped, but also know that fear and escape is not a mature act of an adult, rather than in the desire for a prosperous city and leisure town in the nostalgia of entangled, it is better to make a decision after their brave experience.There was a time when we were all running. The farther and faster we ran, the more things we lost. But don’t lose yourself.As far as I am concerned, I have not experienced much, and I can even say that I have not experienced any great storms, but I always have a desire in my heart, that is, I want to be a child. It has nothing to do with appearance and age, but in my mind, I can keep a childlike purity and hope for life as far as possible.In the face of many things, we go from surprise, fear, helplessness and rejection at the beginning to gradually understanding, accepting and facing, which is a change of attitude and an inevitable experience on the way of growth.Like to indulge themselves with temper, blood seems to flow timid bound blood, so that people can not do proud indulge things.Presumably everyone ever felt his contradiction, but also imperceptibly through so many spring and winter, still groping forward in the long days.Life is not to come again, also can not go back to the past, then to regain and their childhood as pure heart, it is better to think of the problem simple point, solve the problem is also direct point.Please remember that you are the sum of the efforts of countless days and nights in the past, and the gift of the future as always.You are yourself, not someone else, so no matter how far you go or where you go, don’t forget yourself.May you find your original self and keep your original heart in the days ahead.Click “watching”, future, take care of yourself.

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