King Yuan shi had a son-in-law who was born in the blue sea and became the Lord of heaven and earth

The readers who have seen the list of deities know that in the first time there appeared a household immortal, he is the creator of heaven and earth Pangu.I remember in the book that when the heaven and earth did not appear, the universe was like an egg, composed of a mass of vitality, and people called it the chaotic universe.After some time, the first creature was born in the chaotic universe. His name was Pangu.Since he was the first living creature and the immortal who created all things in heaven and earth, many readers call Him Originator yuan Ling.In the book, Pangu is the father of all gods and the beginning of everything. However, after heaven and earth appeared, Pangu disappeared.Some readers said that after Pangu created the heaven and earth, he spent his whole life practicing his deeds and ended up in chaos. His body changed into all things in the world, so there was no longer pangu in the world.However, from the contents of the book, we can know that Pangu was a congenital sage, with immortal practices.After a close reading of the book, we will find that there is no explicit telling of pangu’s falling into chaos.On the road of king Wu’s attack against king Zhou, a well-known immortal appeared in the book. He founded the Jade Empty Palace, and his disciples spread all over the three circles. This immortal was the First Day of heaven.As we all know, this book is about a contest between the primordium of heaven and the Master of Heaven, as well as a battle between the primordium of god.On the road of king Wu’s cutting zhou, tongtianjiao Lord once put under the jade fairy array, this array is the treasure of the town palace of bi You Palace, Hongjun old zu gave him when he divided the treasure rock.I still remember that Lord Taishang once said, “The jade Devil Immortal Array is the magic weapon of Hongjun, which consists of four immortal swords and immortal sword array, and can instantly kill ordinary immortals.”Later, Yuanshi Tianzun alone into the devil, sacrifice pangu Fan, to resist the death of the sword.Remember the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty said, “In the chaotic time, I once changed into Pangu, took up the magic weapon in hand, opened up hongmeng, created all things in heaven and earth, would you be afraid of this small celestial circle?”It can be seen from the words of yuanshi-Tianzun that pangu, who appears in the first episode, is actually the incarnation of Yuanshi-Tianzun.A lot of fairy books appeared in some household gods, they are the incarnation of the First day of heaven, not only have the creation of the world pangu, even the household name of the first day of Heaven King, he is the incarnation of the first day of heaven.In the “story of the Strange” mentioned a god, he is called The Yuan Shi King of Heaven, is the incarnation of the Yuan Shi God, in the chaotic universe picked up the hand of the axe, opened up hongmeng, created the world.After the appearance of heaven and earth, the First king of heaven and Earth traveled the three realms and met the second immortal between heaven and earth, who was called the Virgin of Heaven and Earth.Later, Yuanshi Heavenly King and Taiyuan Virgin Got married and gave birth to a child named Yaochi Virgin.Yuanshitian King and Taiyuan Madonna are the earliest gods between heaven and earth, so people call Yuanshitian King the father of all gods, taiyuan Madonna is called the mother of all gods.The Mother of Yaochi practiced on the Kunlun Mountains and possessed the innate spiritual root given to her by Pangu, namely the flat peach tree in Journey to the West.I remember it said in the book that if you eat the peaches of the Virgin of Yaochi, you can not only rise to immortality, but also live with the heaven and earth, and even have immortal practices.The Lady of Yaochi was also called the Queen Mother, because her husband was a very special immortal named Donghua Dijun.It can be known from some myth books that The Emperor Donghua was born in the blue sea and cangling, where there are many fusang trees. It is believed that fusang tree is one of the ten congenital spiritual roots in myth and legend, and donghua Emperor is the yuan god of fusang tree, so people also call Donghua Emperor Fusang.After the birth of Emperor Donghua, he fought all over the world and married the Mother of Yaochi. Later, people called Emperor Donghua Donggong and the mother of Yaochi Xiwangmu.Since Emperor Donghua was the son-in-law of King Yuanshitian and the ruler of the eight wastages of the four seas, he became the Lord of heaven and earth, the ruler of the three realms, and the ruler of the air of all things in heaven and earth.After some time, emperor Donghua went to Penglai Fairy Island for cultivation, and the Queen Mother returned to Yaochi. They gave birth to a child named Zhang Bairen.From the content of Journey to the West, we can know that Zhang Bairen is the Jade Emperor in the book, who rules the world.Although he was the master of the three worlds, the Jade Emperor did everything the Queen mother told him to do. On her birthday, the Jade Emperor would hold a banquet for her, inviting famous immortals from the three worlds to congratulate the Queen Mother.

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