North Campus of Baoying Taoyuan Primary School: Welcome the Winter Olympics and look forward to the future together

Celebrate the winter Olympics, together into the future – taoyuan elementary characteristics of north campus winter vacation homework “exercise” baoying taoyuan elementary school in north campus Hao Jinyan on February 4, 2022, the 24th winter Olympics opening ceremony held in Beijing on schedule, at this point, Beijing become the world’s first “double the city”, so far the world praise.In order to stimulate students’ patriotism, promote the Olympic spirit of sports, encourage students to keep fit and never forget to serve the motherland, the North campus of Taoyuan Primary School has created a physical exercise activity “Welcome the Winter Olympics, Together for the future” for students.First, welcome the Winter Olympics, carry forward the Olympic Spirit Since the Winter Olympics began, taoyuan Primary School North campus set off a wave of “snow and ice fever” : students search the Internet to learn about the winter Olympics related events, to understand the Brilliant achievements of Olympic athletes;And always pay attention to the latest battle situation, cheer for the Chinese team.They also recorded the collected information in the form of words and pictures, forming a colorful, illustrated hand-copied newspaper.The lively and lovely “Ice dun dun” and “snow Rong Rong”, the Olympic athletes of snow dancing ice, all show students’ infinite creativity and inexhaustible love for the Winter Olympics.Under the role of the Olympic athletes’ example, the students of taoyuan Primary School’s North campus also carried out a lively physical exercise.They make full use of all kinds of tools to find favorable terrain and carry out all kinds of sports, such as cycling, roller-skating, playing basketball, skipping, kicking shuttlecock and so on, and indoor sports such as sit-ups and flat support.They use various forms of sports to strengthen the body, exercise the will, in the form of sports to carry forward the Olympic spirit!Source: Baoying Life

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