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When I watched “Wonder stupid Boy”, there was a chuckle from time to time in the theater, and occasionally I heard my husband on the right slurping his nose — he was crying.My son on the left is staring intently at the screen.This movie is very good at blocking the audience’s tears and laughter. When the audience’s love for the characters is extreme, they also see the light of hope and the warmth of human nature, and then show a knowing smile.The film is like a lantern with a skeleton of ice, in which the candle burns with lively splashing, holding it, you can understand the dark winter.Jackson Yi plays Jing Ho, whose father abandoned his wife and son. His mother died of illness, and his six-and-a-half-year-old sister suffered from the same heart attack.At 20, the burden on his shoulders was enough to crush him.The image of ants appeared many times in the film, wandering in the wind and rain, struggling in danger…Jing Ho is like an ant falling into a huge city.He is doing a high-altitude cleaning job. The camera zooms out and the people hanging on the cold glass walls look so small.”Little ants” were forced to the edge of the cliff: the mobile phones bought by usury to be refurbished were smashed in hand, the shop was empty, and the insufficient life-saving money was dissipated…The movie is called “Miracle”, so there’s no need to worry about the ending.Under the premise of “revealing the plot”, “Miracle” firmly controls the audience’s attention through the bright rhythm, twists and turns of the plot, excellent acting, accurate details.The scene in which Jing Hao rides an electric scooter to catch a train is handled very well.Watching him run through alleyways and traffic, I couldn’t help but think it was the kind of madness a 20-year-old could do.On the train, he and Li Ping, Zhao general negotiations, the words between the youth full of spirit, but also highlighted a vision.Wang Chuanjun, who famously portrayed a cancer patient in Dying to Survive, plays company executive Li Ping, a refined egoist.He is submissive and bossy to the next, with workers, but look down on Jing Hao.This kind of character, life is not rare.Li Ping is one of the few characters to be hated in the film, and Wang has once again created a character with precision.Both scenes involving trucks are impressive.The action scene in which Jing Hao desperately tries to stop the thief’s truck is breathtaking, just like the scene in which the workers of haojing Factory “fight” the hooligan in front, the pace is fast and it is good to watch.At the same time, both scenes are meant to highlight the difficulty of creating miracles.Facing the police’s questioning, Jing Hao, who broke his finger, whispered “worth it”. The camera pulled out, and his sister Jing Tong was sitting on a bench. The two words were enough to move the audience.Jackson Yi’s performance in the film is not only full of tension, but also reserved tears, as well as unexpected laughs.In addition to his precise eyes and expressions, his body is also very good at “speaking”.Empty-handed Jing Hao blocked Li Ping’s car in the typhoon days, begging fruitless, was driven off the car, Jing Hao’s back is bent, shoulder one high one low.The pain and despair of the frustrated become tangible, pressing people out of shape.Another scene involving trucks was very warm.The factory is recovered, the construction period is approaching, Jing Hao consciously no way out, it is those workers to take Jing Hao out of the mire.That’s what wen muye is so grateful for, making ordinary people the protagonists and giving them a chance to make their voices heard.These people have been unemployed for a long time and, if not in “good times”, may remain in the shadows.Fortunately, they met jing Ho who brought them “resonance”. In the montage segment, the overlapping pictures let the audience see the compassion and mutual help and great resilience of the “ants”, thus, they can create a miracle.Xu Juncong as “chasing the wind boy” is a particularly outstanding supporting role.His long dyed hair and his “beer will curl” attitude make him a funny person in the movie.And as addicted to the Internet bar senior unemployed, he finally found the dignity that belongs to oneself.One-leg uncle Zhong and “chasing the wind boy” together, charge into battle to be funny.He appears as a grumpy old man, but then it turns out that the disabled veteran talks hard and does warm things…What makes us laugh and cry and laugh throughout the film?Brother and sister to each other, depend on each other;It is the mutual help and encouragement of partners.It is the slight warmth of the chance meeting place.Tian Yu as Uncle Liang, many times in the most difficult moments to help Jing Hao.Uncle Liang’s wife basically has no lines, warm-hearted and honest image is highly consistent with our familiar aunt;Zhang Yu cameo in the film as a high – air cleaning team’s foreman Yue Ge, not much but very brilliant, he used the most coarse and fierce performance to cover up the softness of the heart;Tian Zhuangzhuang guest guard uncle, only a few lines, he just sat, distressed to watch the brother and sister, sister to eat, let them have a place in the typhoon days.The film not only highlights the leading role of Jing Hao, but also shapes a different personality of the fresh group.These people are very much like the people I know, small people like us.Looking at them, I thought of my parents, I thought of my uncle who still works in the city…They are Philistine, vulgar and greedy, but it is these flawed little people who build a solid pillar in the world.The story of “Miracle” is set in Shenzhen, where a group of workers speak dialects from different provinces, with occasional fragments of Cantonese.It is a strong and tolerant city, welcoming anyone willing to work hard and encouraging miracles.After finishing miracle when Jing Hao, lead again “miracle team” counterattack, each member created his life miracle.After the film ended, the three of us discussed the plot of the film enthusiastically.”Is this a true story?” asked his son.Why do you end up with different endings for each person?”I said, “This is a plot necessity, not a real story.But you have to believe that the lives of those who work miracles will be more twists and turns than in the movies.”The film is not just about how dazzling the miracle is, but also about how the road to it is bumpy and painful.Even if a miracle doesn’t appear, we have to believe that it really exists.Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News original manuscript, reprint without permission is strictly prohibited by Cheng Guer

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