This is not the first time a police officer at a Starbucks in Chongqing has been chased away for allegedly eating lunch boxes at the gate

On February 13, a netizen in Chongqing posted an article: “Starbucks drove away the police who were eating at the gate and made malicious complaints against the police.”In screenshots, starbucks employees saw police officers eating in front of the restaurant and said it would damage the company’s brand image.Starbucks customer service staff said on The 14th, the cause of the incident was Starbucks (located in Ciqikou Houjie).As you can see from the screenshot, there is a police officer eating in front of the starbucks. The staff of The Starbucks saw the police officer and kicked him out.He also filed a malicious complaint against a police officer who ate in front of a Starbucks.Today, starbucks customer service staff responded to a question about “police officers being ejected at the door of the restaurant,” saying that they have contacted authorities to investigate the incident and that the company will punish them if it is true.He added that there was no ban on eating in front of Starbucks.All the staff are busy, only the manager on duty can tell the people who are working to get rid of the police, what the manager means is that if the police come, they will surely think there is something wrong here and then go to other places, which will affect their business.The store manager wanted to cut off the shopping guide.A good relationship with the police can do no harm.Just because you piss off the police doesn’t mean they’re gonna retaliate.We have a lot of rules. We can’t do anything to you.But what about the health sector?What about the Marketing Department and the Tax office?Do they know the police, you say?If it was you, you know what?”This is reportedly the third time this year that Starbucks has been sued for refusing to provide service to police.Police Chief Chad Bianco described the incident on social media, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday. He said the two officers waited at the front desk for five minutes, but no one answered, and eventually left.He believes the store staff “ignored” the officers without any reason, and that starbucks has a bias against the police, so the “anti-police” culture should be curtailed.

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