Vietnamese players celebrate like World Cup winners!Vietnamese media ridicule: the performance of the National football team as weak as Wu Lei

Vietnam defeated China 3-1 at home in a focus match of group B round 8 of the Round of 12 tournament on February 1, Beijing time.Vietnam’s men’s national football team not only won the first round of 12, but also beat China for the first time in the team’s history.Vietnam had lost 10 straight games against China, scoring only 8 goals and conceding 30. Now they have finally changed history.Vietnam also became the first southeast Asian team to win in the round of 12.Although the victory failed to change the reality of Vietnam’s absence from the World Cup, they celebrated after defeating China as if they had won a ticket to the World Cup, or even the title.It is worth noting that the relevant leaders of the Vietnamese men’s football team not only came to the scene to watch the match, to cheer for the national team.As Both Vietnam and China celebrate the Lunar New Year, the leaders of the Vietnamese men’s football team came directly to the sidelines after the match and handed out red envelopes to the Vietnamese men’s football players who won the great victory.In addition to the excitement of the Vietnamese men’s football players and leaders, the Vietnamese media are also excited.After the game, bongda24h, a well-known Vietnamese media, praised the coach and players for their excellent performance, and also commented on the Performance of the Chinese team, saying, “The Performance of the Chinese team was as weak as Wu Lei.”Vietnamese media wrote: “The Chinese men’s team seemed to have more possession of the ball in the match, but got stuck in a deadlock when they started to attack Vietnam.For most of the game, they didn’t have a chance to threaten the goal, only xu Xin scored with a beautiful shot in the last minute.”Vietnamese media even mocked the National team and made fun of Wu lei’s lackluster performance: “Wu Lei was completely missing, he didn’t leave any mark in the game.In front of Vietnam’s defense, Wu lei didn’t get the ball and he didn’t deal with the situation through his individual ability, “said Wu, who continued to be trusted to start the game but was substituted after 67 minutes after his lackluster performance against Japan.Obviously in the Spanish team without the ball can play the status quo, seriously affected the state of Wu Lei in the national team.

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